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How Big Data is Revolutionizing the Education Sector
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Big data in the education sector offer teachers with unprecedented opportunity to reach out to and teach new people by giving an overview into the learning experience of students and allowing them to determine the state of the education system....

Benefits of Big Data Bringing Adaptive Learning in Schools
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A vast quantity of information is stored, managed, and used by educational organizations to assess learners and assist them. Collecting and analyzing this substantial information can increase the digitization and effectiveness of school education....

Stumbling in the Dark
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Katrina Biscay, MS-DFS, CISSP, GMON, Director, Office of Information Security, University of Cincinnati

It’s a hot day and the sun shining through the window is warming up your office.  You walk over and lower the thermostat temperature, and unwittingly add a drop to the vast pool of “dark data” your university collects and...

Dynamics in Education Renewed, Courtesy of Big Data
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Big data is defined as a gigantic set of information, which contains essentials like trends, patterns, connections, and behavior of a particular field, process or group of users. In the field of education, data production is inevitable as it is...

Rise Apps: Bridging the Gap between Students, Teachers, and Parents
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RISE Education Cayman Ltd has recently launched an intelligent learning platform. The smart learning platform utilizes digital technology and empowers parents and teachers to improvise the learning experience for students. The new English learning...

Ready, Set, Disrupt
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Tony Moore, Vice President of Technology Administration, Xavier University of Louisiana

Ready for a change? Disruption in Higher Education is inevitable, so institutions, especially HBCUs, must change to keep pace with constant change in technology. "Digital resources that allow students to explore and utilize resources for...

An Introduction to Deep Learning for SMBs
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Deep Learning—a subset of artificial intelligence (AI) —is an algorithm that is capable to learn anything from its surroundings based on the data fed to it. There is no theoretical limit to what it can learn as it completely...

AR/VR Set to Transform Learning
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With the recent advancements and extensive research that are coming about, there are several ways and proven means to implement AR/VR in eLearning and education in general. The simulations that are available in the market today hold computers and...

Revitalizing EdTech
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Becky Vasquez, VP & CIO, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

1. Amongst All Modern-Day Developments 'Technology' Has Clearly Emerged As The Single Biggest Theme To Impact The Sector In The Last Few Years. This Augurs Well For The Present-Day Learner, As Also For Educators And Others In The...

Big Data on a Campus - Asking the Right Questions
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Jan I Fox, SVP for IT, Marshall University

Last year, it seemed impossible to read any higher education journal that did not have at least one article on MOOCs. The MOOC furor is slowing but is being quickly superseded by the salvation of “Big Data.” From student success,...

The Necessity for Adopting a Strategic Vision for Technology
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Param Bedi, VP for Library and Information Technology, Bucknell University

There are increasing pressures on higher education institutions to contain cost. In the past decade, we endured the 2008 financial crisis, then again in 2015 our endowments saw low or negative returns, and now with Brexit, we are all waiting to...

Weaving Robust Identity Systems Into The University's Security Infrastructure
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Dr. Jan I.Fox, SVP- IT & CIO, Marshall University

Innovative ways to foster growth within their organizations Growth within the Marshall University IT organization means utilizing existing team members in new, innovative ways while reaching out to new collaboration partners. University...

How Big Data Analytics is Shaping Leadership Development Trainings
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Annually, businesses spend nearly $20 billion to $50 billion conducting leadership programmers, but a recent Accenture survey found that apart from eight percent management companies felt ineffective in developing leaders in their organization....

How Analytics and AI Will Reshape the Future of Banking
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Marc Andrews, VP Watson Financial Services Solutions, IBM [NYSE: IBM]

There are many areas of focus for banking that have the opportunity to be dramatically reshaped by the application of more advanced analytics, including cognitive and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The two most prevalent ones are around...

Big Data Collection Opportunities and Problems in Higher Education
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Linda Hartford, CIO, Ellucian

The term “Big Data” has become ubiquitous in higher education, especially around discussions of using data to help with student success. But what exactly is big data; we have had loads of data around for a very long time. If you do an...

Increasing Complexity Of The IT Environment Impacts The Education Sector
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Russell Poole, Asst. VC of IT Services & CIO, University of Colorado Denver

The Role of Big Data In Education Education has always had the capacity to generate a huge amount of data, more than any other industry perhaps. The challenge working with Big Data is to make sure that we shift from focusing just on faculty...

Students Bring in Consumer Driven Technology
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Peter J Murray Ph.D., CIO & VP, University of Maryland, Baltimore

Role of Big Data in the Education Space Big data are already playing a major role in higher education. It certainly is helping with research. From a technology standpoint, we need to provide the appropriate resources, i.e., equipment, software...

Focusing On The Initiatives That Advances The Organization
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Scott Studham, VP for IT, University of Minnesota

Technologies and initiatives that helped the university/ to keep pace with the change Our core mission education and discovery calls for ongoing and deliberate exploration of new horizons. We have to build a strategy that is flexible and nimble...

Higher Education Challenges: Big Data; Cloud Computing; Information Security
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Elias G. Eldayrie, VP & CIO, University of Florida

Big Data Integral to University Missions While universities mine data to tailor student advising and educational experiences, there are other vitally important higher education issues involved. As big data becomes increasingly important in the...

IT Facilitating Teaching and Research
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Greg Smith, CIO, Missouri University of Science & Technology

I watched our talented students develop a user-friendly interface to load large data sets into their ParaView application so that we could visualize geophysical data via a high definition 3D display. This is representative for a heavily focused...