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Answering Student and Faculty Demands through Data Warehouse Automation
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Chris Stewart, Director, Professional Services, WhereScape

By 2025, the world will be deluged with 163 ZBs of data. How much is that? Well, a single zettabyte is equal to 152 million years of ultrahigh definition 8K video. It's also the amount of data that can be stored on 250 billion DVDs. Now,...

Remodeling the Education Industry
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Sue B. Workman, CIO & VP, Case Western Reserve University

Few decades ago, most universities viewed ERP as a fully integrated system to manage their institutes efficiently. ERP solutions for managing data were traditionally closed hosted systems with basic interfaces but now educational institutions are...

Analytics for Data-Driven Decisions in Higher Ed
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John Gohsman, Vice Chancellor for IT & CIO, Washington University in St.Louis

Today Universities and Colleges have lots of information but can’t use it effectively to drive business. Data is both difficult to access and needed by more applications. How do we examine the effective and proactive use...

Digital Disruption bringing Change in Education
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David Steinour, Chief Information Officer, The George Washington University

Benefits of cloud computing for the education industry At the George Washington University, the Division of Information Technology (IT) has moved several applications to the cloud and is working on business plans to do more. The Division of IT...

The Emerging Focus on Data Governance in Higher Education
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J. Brice Bible, VP & CIO, SUNY University at Buffalo

Academic institutions all across the U.S. are becoming increasingly aware of the significant gap between their imbedded data and analytic systems and the growing Business Intelligence (BI) needs of their organizations. It is not the lack of...

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