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Mobile Device Management Services in K-12 Schools
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As BYOD and one-to-one programs spread, K–12 IT teams must ensure they are able to control, monitor and update devices regularly. FREMONT, CA: K–12 students and educators depend strongly on mobile devices for learning and...

The Case for AR and VR in the classroom
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Lucien Parsons, MA, MBA, Director, MAVRIC at UMD

Even as the hype surrounding VR (Virtual Reality) for gaming has waned, the possibilities for the use of VR and AR (Augmented Reality) for educational purposes have expanded.A combination of cheaper and better hardware, the ubiquity of the modern...

How to Engage Students with Smart Classrooms?
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Integration of BYOD, online worksheets, visual flashboards are some ways school organizations can harness the potential of a smart classroom. FREMONT, CA: A smart classroom, unlike the conventional one, boasts of student engagement activities....

5 Ways CIOs Can Embrace Corporate Data Safety among Remote Workers
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With BYOD and flexible working environments, remote working has escalated massively due to the conveniences of nature in the harsh business world. Although it is easier for the employees, it possesses a high IT risk for the employers, the business...

Strategies to Beef up Cybersecurity in Educational Institutes
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Strengthening cybersecurity is vital for the safety of the information that the students and teachers put into the hands of the administrators in a school. The personal data of the learners and tutors are highly sensitive, which an educational...

Ways to reduce IoT risks
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It is vital to know about the threats that cause damage to an education network and take the required measures to prevent them. FREMONT, CA: Education centers are easily prone to cyber threats with the increased use of mobile phones, and the...

Tactics for Endpoint Protection
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With an increase in the number of endpoints, it becomes essential to develop network protection on the campus. FREMONT, CA: With education networks being easily susceptible to cyber attacks, it becomes a necessity to advance on security...

Combating the Evolving Security Threats in School Network, Learn More!
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FREMONT, CA: School network security forms the implicit part of the education realm. Schools run open environments where administrators, teachers, and students share information. But it is essential to manage security as teachers and students use...

University IT &Testing and Assessment: IT Partnership
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Brian P. Fodrey, Chief Information Officer, Stevenson University

The importance of Institutional collaboration and being strategic with our resources has no greater value than it does today.  This approach also includes all aspects of higher education, including our testing and assessment measures....

The Coming Generation-Z Impact on Cybersecurity
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Thomas Skill, Ph.D, Associate Provost & Chief Information Officer, University of Dayton

How nervous should your cybersecurity team be when the Gen-Z population joins the workforce over the next few years? The University of Dayton’s Center of Cybersecurity & Data Intelligence did a small study in March 2018 that explored how...

AI-based Cybersecurity Tools of the Next Generation
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University networks have been seen as poor information safety models for a long time. However, many of these networks’ challenges (wide adoption of consumer-grade services, such as BYOD) are increasingly challenging in practice. Many of the...

Strategies for Transforming Classrooms TODAY
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Hall Davidson, Senior Director of Global Initiatives, Discovery Education

Over the last 10 years, the education landscape has undergone an epic transformation. In classrooms around the world, the printed word, a fixture in classrooms as far back as ancient Greece, is giving way to dynamic digital content as the core...

Cloud-Based LMSs Are here to Change E-Learning
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Today, many companies are moving their core processes to the cloud. With technological advancement, the world of e-learning has also progressed, making the effectiveness and convenience of Learning Management System (LMS) more beneficial to...

Leveraging m-Learning in Enterprises
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Mobile technology is one of the advances that has been increasingly used by most people today. The smartphones and the internet have enabled people to learn about unknown factors in various sectors. In order to educate information seeker, many...

Smartphone-Enabled Smart Learning
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While schools and universities worldwide are striving to digitize education, smartphones are emerging as the preferred technological tool of choice. A study published in The Journal, an education technology news magazine, reveals that around 49...

Security in Education, My, How Things Change!
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J. Douglas Streit, Director, IT Security & Planning & CISO, Old Dominion University

I was a new ISO in 2011, having a conversation with an experienced colleague who took issue with some of our information security program. “We are not Fort Knox, after all,” he said. I was not new to higher-education IT, having...

University CIOs Have The Hardest Job
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Neal Tilley, Director- Business Development Education Vertical, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

I salute the Higher Education CIOs across the world. No other enterprise would have the complex mix of constituents, diverse technology demands and unique budget constraints. Every university CIO has to balance the expectations of the Students...

Preventing Cyber-Attacks in Universities with Operational Collaboration
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Michael Corn, Deputy CIO & CISO, Brandeis University

University networks have long been viewed as poor models for information security. However in practice many of the challenges facing these networks (broad adoption of consumer-grade services and BYOD for example) are increasingly challenging...

Mobility: Changing The Way Education is Imparted
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Cheryl Tiahrt, Director of IT, University of South Dakota

I expect the proliferation of Internet connected consumer devices to have a dramatic affect on IT services and support on our campus in the next few years. This is not a new trend, but the wave has not crested. We have seen two major trends in...

Education Adopting Latest Technologies
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Rama Dhuwaraha, AVC & CIO, University of North Texas System

The benefits of cloud computing for the Education industry can only be realized if we align our education and IT strategy. This alignment will help us improve outcomes in the quality of research and education. If cloud solutions are leveraged...
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