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The Necessity for Adopting a Strategic Vision for Technology
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Param Bedi, VP for Library and Information Technology, Bucknell University

There are increasing pressures on higher education institutions to contain cost. In the past decade, we endured the 2008 financial crisis, then again in 2015 our endowments saw low or negative returns, and now with Brexit, we are all waiting to...

The Digital Transformation
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Pete Young, CIO & SVP for Analytics, Planning and Technology, University of Maryland University College

Dynamic Role of A CIO The role of the CIO has evolved dramatically to one of Chief “Innovation” or even “Ideation” Officer. No longer is the CIO role confined to technology and operational domains. The CIO is often...

Keeping up with the Changing Education Landscape
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Jason Ball, CIO & Associate VP, Florida Atlantic University

Role of CIOs Today’s CIO is no longer simply the caretaker of infrastructure and applications, but integral to developing solutions to institutional priorities well beyond the Information Technology infrastructure (e.g., Student Success...

Redefining Education Industry with Cloud Computing
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Michael Mundrane, CIO & Vice Provost, University of Connecticut

Cloud Computing—Nothing More than Outsourcing On some level, cloud computing is nothing more than outsourcing with finer granularity and metered expense. When a cloud service meets our need, a cloud provider has stability, UConn is...

Injecting Advanced Technology in the Education Industry
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Sharon P. Pitt, AVP & CIO, Binghamton University

Bringing Cloud Computing To the Education Industry much like other industries, the higher education and information technology community has embraced cloud computing. As the CIO at a public higher institution that carefully and mindfully...

Cloud - The Innovative Disruption
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Miroslav Humer, CIO, Cleveland State University

Cloud Computing Universities continue to struggle with diminishing resources, fewer positions and reduced funding to accomplish more. We can no longer spend 17 months upgrading an on-premise ERP system to satisfy vendor mandates when that...

Cloud Computing Play an Integral role in Education Arena
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Brian Young, VP & CTO, Colorado College

Cloud Computing Benefits Many institutions of higher education have been embracing cloud computing for several years now. From email, calendaring, to collaboration tools, many colleges and universities have become comfortable with cloud-based...

Driving Innovation in the Education Industry
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Nathaniel Tucker, Director of IT, Lee University

Benefits of Cloud Computing in Education Industry The education industry can greatly benefit from cloud computing in the areas of customer service, performance, reliability, and decreased internal support costs. At Lee University, we have...

The Revolutionizing Education Space
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Robert Renaud, VP & CIO, Dickinson College

Embracing Cloud Computing Cloud computing has obvious benefits in the education space.  It allows us to stand up systems quickly and to scale them to meet changing needs. It shifts some of the burden associated with on premise...

Cloud-A Closer Reality for Education Industry
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Bill Gruszka, VP/CIO, Clayton State University

Benefits of Cloud Computing for the Education Industry Cloud computing is an interesting topic. Discussing its benefits will always put you on the politically correct side of the topic. If you read the national press, and listen to some of my...

Employing Cloud Technology for Effective Learning
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Jeffrey Cepull, CIO and VP for Information Resources, Philadelphia University

Benefits of Cloud Computing in the Education industry Cloud computing offers a multitude of advantages  for the education industry, perhaps the greatest of which is, access to large-scale solutions that would be otherwise unattainable for...

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Campus Life in the Wake of Transformation
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Dr. Jan I Fox, SVP for IT & CIO, Marshall University

Cloud Computing a Benefit Cloud computing is like going back to the future. We operated under shared computer resources in the 80’s and 90’s, hosted well beyond our campuses. Today, universities use cloud computing for the...

Cloud Computing Affecting the Education Industry
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Jose Bernier Ed.D., AVP & CIO, Stetson University

Cloud Computing Benefits for Education Arena Today, as consumers, we expect to have access to our systems and information at anytime from anywhere, while, as Information Technology administrators, it is one of our goals to provide our users...

Technological Advancement Driving the Education Space
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Keith A Cronk, CIO, Harding University

Cloud Computing There is no doubt that higher education institutions are seriously using cloud computing. Cloud computing is already used for many applications, with more and more being moved to the cloud each year. Already, many learning...

IoT in the Education Space
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Rajesh Adusumilli, CIO/Assistant Superintendent for Information Services, Arlington Public Schools

Benefits of Cloud Computing in the Education Space One of the challenges school districts have faced in the past with technology was that the K-12 market did not represent a sufficient revenue source to make it attractive to developers. Cloud...

Higher Education Challenges: Big Data; Cloud Computing; Information Security
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Elias G. Eldayrie, VP & CIO, University of Florida

Big Data Integral to University Missions While universities mine data to tailor student advising and educational experiences, there are other vitally important higher education issues involved. As big data becomes increasingly important in the...

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