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Marrying Technology and Education Science to Evolve Security Awareness and Training
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Joe Ferrara, President and CEO, Wombat Security

At Wombat Security, cyber awareness and training initiatives are central to our mission of changing employee behaviors and reducing risk to organizations. Education is one of the foundational elements of our unique methodology, and our approach is...

Cloud Computing- Revolutionizing the Education Industry
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Nelson C. Vincent, EdD, VP for IT and CIO, University of Cincinnati

Benefits of cloud computing for the education industry           Cloud computing allows students, faculty and staff to easily store, share, manage and access important documents and systems online...

The Barbarians are Adapting and Evolving, Are We?
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Sam Segran, CIO, Texas Tech University

From the early days of pranks in college computer labs by inquisitive students to today’s government-sanctioned cyber-espionage, hacking has evolved to become a full-fletched profession. It is nourished by a growing industry of...

How Intentionality Can Help Drive Strategic Wins and Institutional Success
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Thomas Skill, Associate Provost & CIO, University of Dayton

I frequently wince when I’m offered yet another opportunity for our enterprise IT operation to collaborate with a new campus partner. It’s not that I don’t value these relationships, but far too often, poorly conceived...

Changing Face of Education
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Theresa Rowe, CIO, Oakland University

Complex Talent Management Environment My role has changed significantly over the years. Certainly colleges and universities are under increasing attack, making cyber security an extremely important initiative. Additionally, industry and...

Technical Horizons in Education
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Becky Vasquez, CIO, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

The Expectations from Technology Providers In general, affordability of enterprise solutions is a consideration. Many institutions face fixed or reduced budgets year over year. As leaders, we have to determine where our investments will make...

IT Must be at the Decision-Making Table in Higher Education
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Dr. Mira Lalovic-Hand, CIO & SVP, Rowan University

Education, the long-lived institution with the straightforward mission of transferring knowledge from current and past generations to new generations, has not changed fundamentally over hundreds of years. There still exist classrooms, teachers,...

Future of IT in Higher Education
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Bill Balint, CIO, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Technology Challenges Barring the IT Disruption There are incredible Information Technology (IT) challenges in higher education. Budgets and staff sizes are shrinking at many higher ed. IT organizations, but the level of demand being placed...

6 Things Education CIO Should Know
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Steve Clagg, CIO, Aurora Public Schools

A school district CIO has always been a high-pressure job. Some days feel like you are on an island. Your staff is unhappy with you, your leadership doesn’t understand you, and your customers are throwing you under the school...

Students Bring in Consumer Driven Technology
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Peter J Murray Ph.D., CIO & VP, University of Maryland, Baltimore

Role of Big Data in the Education Space Big data are already playing a major role in higher education. It certainly is helping with research. From a technology standpoint, we need to provide the appropriate resources, i.e., equipment, software...

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