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How to Transition from Business/ Industry IT into Higher Education in an Awesome Way
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Leebrian E. Gaskins, CIO, Texas A&M International University

So, you have decided to enter the world of higher education as a senior IT executive? You’re a highly successful executive IT professional with progressive levels of responsibility in business or industry. Now, you’re taking on a...

Managing IT to Find Solutions in Higher Education
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Michael Hites, CIO, University of Illinois system

Is IT an enabler of efficiency in higher education, or is it an unavoidable expense? There is no doubt that processes like recruiting and registration have become more efficient though automation; however, innovative teaching and learning is...

Employing Cloud Technology for Effective Learning
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Jeffrey Cepull, CIO and VP for Information Resources, Philadelphia University

Benefits of Cloud Computing in the Education industry Cloud computing offers a multitude of advantages  for the education industry, perhaps the greatest of which is, access to large-scale solutions that would be otherwise unattainable for...

Inq-ITS: A Revolutionary Online Assessment and Learning Environment
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Janice Gobert, Co-Founder & CEO

Provides a platform for real-time assessment and optimized student learning

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