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The Velocity and Cadence of IT Delivery in Higher Ed
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Matthew Etchison, CIO, Ivy Tech Community College

In the modern world it is rare that someone ever refers to Higher Education as being near the pinnacle of innovation and disruption. Those words are used to describe Tesla, Amazon, Netflix, or startups or scale ups who are disrupting entire...

Are Technology Graduates Ready for the Cloud?
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John R. Wetsch, Ph.D. , Program Director for Cloud Computing, Wake Technical Community College

Getting technology graduates ready for the workforce is a central tenet of technology education, especially when it comes to work as an administrator of systems, networks, or databases or to be a software developer. The obvious challenge is also...

Managing IT to Find Solutions in Higher Education
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Michael Hites, CIO, University of Illinois system

Is IT an enabler of efficiency in higher education, or is it an unavoidable expense? There is no doubt that processes like recruiting and registration have become more efficient though automation; however, innovative teaching and learning is...

Application Leadership for the Future: Build, Trust, Repeat
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Borre Ulrichsen, CIO and Associate VP of IT Services, California State University-East Bay

Responding to a Changing Environment I will not bore you with one more list of the way the world of the CIO is changing. We all know how it goes. Our organizations are competing in a digital world that is moving blazingly fast. To be...

Cloud - Wireless Infrastructure to Revolutionize the Education Industry
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Matthew Henry, CIO and Dean of Innovative Education, LeTourneau University

Advantages of cloud computing for the Education industry Cloud computing is an overloaded word. I see several aspects of “cloud” computing having enormous impacts on the Education industry. "Everything from health related...

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