Education Adopting Latest Technologies
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Rama Dhuwaraha, AVC & CIO, University of North Texas System

The benefits of cloud computing for the Education industry can only be realized if we align our education and IT strategy. This alignment will help us improve outcomes in the quality of research and education. If cloud solutions are leveraged...

Keeping up with the Changing Education Landscape
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Jason Ball, CIO & Associate VP, Florida Atlantic University

Role of CIOs Today’s CIO is no longer simply the caretaker of infrastructure and applications, but integral to developing solutions to institutional priorities well beyond the Information Technology infrastructure (e.g., Student Success...

Universities Going Mobile or are they?
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Kenneth Pierce, Vice Provost IT & CIO, University Of Texas At San Antonio

If I told you that mobile apps were the top development priority for most businesses, you’d probably say that you already knew that. If I told you that for most universities, mobile development was not the top priority, you’d probably...

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