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Why Platforms with Interoperability are best for EdTech
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Teachers can save up time for focusing on interactions with the students by utilizing the interoperability of the technologies in classroom. The feature will not only drive the efficiency of the technology but also assists in integrating various...

How EdTech Is Changing The Ways Of Teaching-Learning Process
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The educators play a significant role in merging technology with the education system, as the need to update themselves with the changing digital teaching-learning trends is rising.  FREMONT, CA: The innovative changes happening...

Mobile Device Management Services in K-12 Schools
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As BYOD and one-to-one programs spread, K–12 IT teams must ensure they are able to control, monitor and update devices regularly. FREMONT, CA: K–12 students and educators depend strongly on mobile devices for learning and...

Here Are Four Models to Reconstruct Higher Education
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The world is rapidly evolving with technology, and universities are developing new knowledge base for educating the next generation of students focusing on customizable courses and experiences outside of the classroom. FREMONT, CA: A current...

Here Are Some Smart Ways To Innovate Startups
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Three exploration frameworks like changing the ides, which does not work, making things easier for customers, and making things more inexpensive will reduce the risk and uncertainty linked with startups. FREMONT, CA: Innovative thoughts,...

How Big Data is Revolutionizing the Education Sector
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Big data in the education sector offer teachers with unprecedented opportunity to reach out to and teach new people by giving an overview into the learning experience of students and allowing them to determine the state of the education system....

Technology Powers Soft Skills Education for Better Patient Experiences
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Rachel Jones, Dean of Curriculum, Instructional Design and Technology Ultimate Medical Academy

Having the right soft skills to support and manage patients – from the front office staff to the physicians themselves – is important for patient outcomes as well as the success of a practice. Positive healthcare experiences contribute...

Top 10 Innovative School District Tech Director
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Dr. Themistocles Sparangis

Benjamin Franklin once said that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. An education offers knowledge, structure and an internal resource for the future of every student. This being irrespective of how proficient—or unproficient...

Reimagining Education in a Digital Age from Australia
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David Linke, Managing Director, EduGrowth

Australia has a high quality, high reputation and globally regarded education sector that impacts learners across the world. Whether those learners are in our schools and tertiary institutions or accessing Australian education through digital...

How EdTech Platforms can Succeed with Their Educational Products?
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An essential rule of product development is to ensure that one builds a product that people want and to avoid making something that people do not wish for. FREMONT, CA: Education technology is still lacking and has not reached its full...

How Cloud Computing Helps in Education's Retention Catastrophe?
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Some of the benefits of the cloud in the teaching sector includes facilitating greater collaboration and advanced learning opportunities. Additionally, the employment of serverless computing comes with a less cost feature. FREMONT, CA: Teacher...

Here is How to Secure A Smooth Entry Into the European Edtech Market
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One perplexing question that the entrepreneurs or executives need to attend to is “who will purchase the EdTech when the platform is launched?” Without knowing who the sales pitch is for, one will not be able to design a persuasive...

Tips for EdTech Entrepreneurs to Develop MVPs
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A well-styled MVP will reduce the time spent in development, which additionally can save a considerable amount of money. FREMONT, CA: The most successful EdTech entrepreneurs are innovators who genuinely want to solve an existing problem in the...

How Southeast Asia's EdTech Startups Can Revamp Education?
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When it comes to challenges, public budgets in most ASEAN countries are not sumptuous. Most have made immense strides in providing widespread access to schooling but still, struggle with raising the quality. FREMONT, CA: Today education is...

Here are Some Challenges Faced by Indian Edtech Startups
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Adoption of new trends and technologies will leverage the EdTech startups and can reshape the education sector. FREMONT, CA: EdTech startups can become a ray of hope for transforming the learning experience. The collaboration of digital...

How to Bring Technology to Classrooms
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The strategies, resources, student competencies, and the focus on leveraging new technology are key components for teachers to consider before integration of any tech tool. FREMONT, CA: Integration of technology in the classroom can seem like a...

How Universities Can Prepare IT Teams For Cloud?
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As higher educational institutions undergo a digital transformation, technology leaders are on the run to close its knowledge gaps by various methods. FREMONT, CA: For universities, cloud-based services can provide high computing efficiencies...

How Hubs for Ed-tech Startups Promote Positive Change in Education
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Roman Bruegger, Managing Director, Swiss Edtech Collider

The digitalization of the workplace will eradicate up to 800 million jobs by 2030. Ed-tech startups are among the drivers of change in education and learning. They benefit from resources such as the Swiss EdTech Collider, a hub for ed-tech...

A Step towards the Classrooms of the Future For Ed Tech to work, frame it around school improvement
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Lauren Thorpe, Head of Data & Systems Strategy, Ark

It might seem like the most exciting time for Ed Tech in over a decade. There is a government strategy, a sector leadership group (of which I am a member), and over 10,000 Ed Tech companies across the globe vying for our custom (gulp!). To be...

Education Technology Growth in Europe
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Jim Knight, Chief Education & External Officer, Tes

This should be a great time for EdTech in the UK. According to the Education Foundation, it accounts for 4 percent of digital companies; the Guardian reckons the sector leverages over £900 million of spend by schools; and the Government...
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