Future Trends for E-learning
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Education sector just like others has witnessed the technological transformation and eLearning is the outcome of the transformation. E-learning has just made its way and has many changes to observe still, few them which will play a major role in...

Digital Learning: How will it Impact the Future of Education?
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Digital education replaces the traditional form of education day-by-day. The learning tools and technology enable students to develop effective self-learning skills. They are able to understand what they need to learn and research using online...

AI's Impact on the Future of Education
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Digital technology offers a variety of new techniques in the education world. AI has been trending in every sector. Education has also undergone a revolution after the advent of AI. The presence of AI has comforted people through its availability...

Visual Learning in Science
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With today’s technologies used everywhere, the education industry has witnessed deployment of its various applications in educational institutions. Today, the educational institutions are providing visual media experiences inside the...

Applications of Artificial Intelligence: The Future Classroom
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Fast-forwarding to 2030, students would have to be very skilled in critical thinking, creativity, and empathetic. It is nearly impossible to predict the future employment status accurately. The schools need to prepare the students for the next-gen...

How AI is Poised to Transform Higher Education
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A report on the Artificial Intelligence Market in the US Education Sector suggests that experts expect AI in education to grow by “47.50 percent during the period 2017-2021.” As such, there is an increasing concern among faculty...

Revitalizing EdTech
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Becky Vasquez, VP & CIO, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

1. Amongst All Modern-Day Developments 'Technology' Has Clearly Emerged As The Single Biggest Theme To Impact The Sector In The Last Few Years. This Augurs Well For The Present-Day Learner, As Also For Educators And Others In The...

Security in Education, My, How Things Change!
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J. Douglas Streit, Director, IT Security & Planning & CISO, Old Dominion University

I was a new ISO in 2011, having a conversation with an experienced colleague who took issue with some of our information security program. “We are not Fort Knox, after all,” he said. I was not new to higher-education IT, having...

University CIOs Have The Hardest Job
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Neal Tilley, Director- Business Development Education Vertical, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

I salute the Higher Education CIOs across the world. No other enterprise would have the complex mix of constituents, diverse technology demands and unique budget constraints. Every university CIO has to balance the expectations of the Students...

The Changing Landscape of Education
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Darin King, CIO, North Dakota University System

In the past two years our university system of 11 public colleges and universities has seen some significant changes in the way we go about the business of IT, focusing on two main areas: systemwide consolidation and heightened security measures....

Big Data on a Campus - Asking the Right Questions
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Jan I Fox, SVP for IT, Marshall University

Last year, it seemed impossible to read any higher education journal that did not have at least one article on MOOCs. The MOOC furor is slowing but is being quickly superseded by the salvation of “Big Data.” From student success,...

Artificial Intelligence in Education: What We can learn from Current AI Successes and How We can apply it in Tomorrow's Classrooms
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Dennis Bonilla, Executive Dean, College of Information Systems and Technology, School of Business and College of Criminal Justice at University of Phoenix

Since its inception in the 1950s, artificial intelligencehas helped provide solutions to automate tasks and make life easier and more convenient. Considering how quickly technology – particularly artificial intelligence – has increased...

Upskilling Students with AI Education
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The rapid pace of developments in AI has already begun to disrupt different industries. While technology is helping to replace antiquated systems with agile, innovative tools, it is also set to impact jobs and millions of workers of the future....

HD, Interactive Distance Education
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Phil Way, Associate VP and CIO, Northland Pioneer College

Northland Pioneer College’s TALON distance learning system is overcoming barriers of remoteness and limited resources that, until recently, prevented many high school students from taking dual enrollment college courses. Rural high schools...

Using Analytics To Make The Right Investment
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Jack Suess, VP-IT & CIO, UMBC

Innovative Ways to Foster Growth Within Their Organizations For CIOs to be effective leaders and stay on top of so many changing technologies they must build strong personal networks by actively engaging in community organizations and...

Preventing Cyber-Attacks in Universities with Operational Collaboration
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Michael Corn, Deputy CIO & CISO, Brandeis University

University networks have long been viewed as poor models for information security. However in practice many of the challenges facing these networks (broad adoption of consumer-grade services and BYOD for example) are increasingly challenging...

The Future Of Video In Education
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Sean Brown, SVP, Sonic Foundry

The cost of higher education has nearly doubled since 2000 and continues to rise, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. At the same time, college enrollments are declining, down 2.3 percent this spring compared with last year....

Marrying Technology and Education Science to Evolve Security Awareness and Training
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Joe Ferrara, President and CEO, Wombat Security

At Wombat Security, cyber awareness and training initiatives are central to our mission of changing employee behaviors and reducing risk to organizations. Education is one of the foundational elements of our unique methodology, and our approach is...

Weaving Robust Identity Systems Into The University's Security Infrastructure
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Dr. Jan I.Fox, SVP- IT & CIO, Marshall University

Innovative ways to foster growth within their organizations Growth within the Marshall University IT organization means utilizing existing team members in new, innovative ways while reaching out to new collaboration partners. University...

Technology Equalizing Learning Differences
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Every student treads a different pathway to learn or understand a subject. Today, technology’s sweeping transformation in the education sector is making learning easier for students. Teaching should also go hand in hand and take into...

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