Future Trends for E-learning
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Education sector just like others has witnessed the technological transformation and eLearning is the outcome of the transformation. E-learning has just made its way and has many changes to observe still, few them which will play a major role in...

Reshaping E-Learning through Gamification
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Introducing Gamification to be incorporated in E-learning is a creative outlook and has proven to be an effective e-learning medium. It is a process wherein we integrate game mechanics into a website, an enterprise application or online community...

What Adults are Demanding from their Education?
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Dr. Pamela Roggeman, Academic Dean, University of Phoenix

As I sat in standstill traffic the other day during my commute, all I could think about is how actually going to work seems archaic. At that moment, how I longed for a self-driving car so I could get out my laptop and begin crossing tasks off of...

Education Coupled with eLearning
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Gone are the days of the good old chalk and board teaching where a mentor would take students on an exploration. Now, technology takes up those explorations where mentors merely guide students on the ‘path to be taken.’ Though...

The Match Game
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Scott Page, Director, University of Michigan

“I feel like there’s a red pill and a blue pill, and you can take the blue pill and go back to your classroom and lecture your twenty students. But I’ve taken the red pill, and I’ve seen Wonderland.” –Sebastion...

3 ways to bring technology into any educational environment
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Stacey Brull, Sr. Director, Baltimore

Bringing technology into education has been one of the most beneficial initiatives we have done in our organization. Prior to using technology, much of our education included classroom lectures and voice over PowerPoints. We found employees were...

Wormhole Live Learning: Revolutionizing E-Learning Interactions
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Bruno Interlandi, CMO

Providing companies, professional associations, and educational institutions the simplest way to offer online training while retaining the best of live education

Area9: Redefining Adaptive Learning
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Nick J. Howe, CLO

A global LMS solution provider that creates a unique learning experience through its adaptive technology model with a focus on achieving outcomes for learners

DevDigital: Platform-Agnostic Approach to LMS Implementation
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Peter Marcum, Managing Partner

The company provides custom LMS implementation in tune with the need of their client

Ellucian: Reinventing Higher Ed with Technology
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Peter Sinisgalli, Executive Chairman

Provides software and services higher education institutions need to enhance operations and enrich the student experience

Avallain: Pioneering Digital Education
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Ignatz Heinz, Co-Founder & MD

Develops e-learning solutions to create, maintain and publish interactive content and personalized learning materials

Ellucian: Sketching Student Success
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Jeff Ray, President & CEO

Provides technology solutions to colleges and universities, helping institutions to navigate change, achieve greater transparency, and drive efficiencies

Enterprise Hive: Accelerating Campus Engagement
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Vicki Tambellini, President, CEO, & Founder

Delivers solutions to help institutions create better engagement and customer service for their students, leading to better outcomes

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