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A Reality Check for EdTech Startups
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Brent Goldfarb, Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship

Bricks and mortar classrooms are doomed, thanks to technology that will soon disrupt higher education. We are talking about radio, of course. When department stores began producing shows in the 1920s as a loss leader to attract customers,...

Here Are Some Ways To Incorporate Game-Based Learning In The Classroom
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Gamification is a new trend in the education industry, which is driving the teaching-learning experience to a new interesting level. FREMONT, CA: Unlike the traditional classrooms, the classrooms of the present century are smart and exciting,...

What Are Some Fields Teachers Need Professional Development In?
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Digital literacy, virtual reality, cloud computing, makerspaces, virtual literacy, and gamification are some prime areas that educators need professional training on. FREMONT, CA: In the present day, if one wants to become a competent educator,...

EdTech Trends to Lookout for In 2019
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Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, Gamification, STEM Learning, and Ease of availability are some trends that organization and institutions can look for to improve the quality of education for students. FREMONT, CA: Contemporary teaching...

Essential eLearning Trends for the Professionals
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It is not necessary to have expensive technology or elaborate training session. For effective learning, organizations must give their employees the freedom to complete the courses in their comfortability. FREMONT, CA: eLearning trends...

Learning Processes Becoming Seamless with Modern Educational Technologies
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FREMONT, CA: Education can positively transform the world, and education technology can assist eliminate the present obstacles to offering extensive quality education. Here are a few significant developments that will drive the EdTech sector...

Effective Ways to Change Employees Behavior
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Sometimes it may be difficult to change employees’ behavior. If an organization want their employees to act in a particular way, it is essential to manage them in a manner that supports and encourages positive behavior. FREMONT,...

Gamification in Education: Delivering Smarter Teaching and Learning Techniques
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Re-structuring the analytical processes of education institutions, gamification introduces a modern learning and teaching technique.    FREMONT, CA: The practice of education has constructively been transformed in the past few...

Can Gamification Address Issues in eLearning?
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Gamification helps learners in giving the essential motivation, fosters healthy competition, and makes pupils feel good about their own self. FREMONT, CA: Statistics suggest that about 75 percent of the digitally aware populace has played some...

Relevance of EdTech in Classrooms
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Students and teachers need to choose the relevant EdTech so that it enhances their work and augments the learning process. FREMONT, CA: The question that remains on the top for organizations while implementing EdTech is in regard to its...

Technology as a Catalyst in Shaping the Educational Experience
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Eric Kunnen, Associate Director of eLearning and Emerging Technologies, Grand Valley State University

Self-driving cars, groceries delivered by drones, high-powered computers in the palm of your hand, and a home that is Internet connected and automated is quickly becoming the norm. Our lives are being changed daily by a vast array of technologies...

The Ever-Evolving and Trending E-Learning Space
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Becky Vasquez, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

In the light of your experience what are the trends and challenges you’ve witnessed happening with respect to the ​E-Learning space? A decade ago, considerations for online learning included the validity of the modality. As institutions...

E-Learning: The Modern Education System
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FREMONT, CA: The most exciting way for the students to learn is when they replace books with screens—this has become possible through the implementation of modern technologies like AR and AI. The evolution of modern technology has been a...

Opportunities in M-Learning to Boost Employee Engagement and Learning Experience
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Technological advancements have changed the way modern learners expect and prefer to be educated. The applications of technology must also boost workplace productivity. On average, employees waste one day per week searching for information to do...

Effective E-Learning for Employees: Measures to Undertake
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The advancement of technology has introduced and popularized e-learning platforms which have changed the concept of education. As per the prediction of Research and Markets, the e-learning market will be worth $325 billion by 2025. In order to...

Leveraging Mobile Learning Techniques for Innovative Learning Experience
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The advent of innovative technology tools has radically changed the way modern learners prefer to be educated. The ubiquity of smartphones offers an excellent opportunity for businesses to improve the impact of workplace learning and development...

Virtual Reality Impacting E-Learning
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Virtual reality (VR) technology allows teachers, trainers, and students to look at online training with a new point of view. The investment in this technology doubled in the year 2018 to $17.8 billion according to a recent report. Furthermore, 85...

2019 Will Witness Emergence of These Learning and Development Technologies
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Technology is evolving at a fast pace. As high-tech innovations gain momentum, the opportunity to create a better corporate training program and delivery methods accelerate as well. Learning and technology go hand-in-hand. Human resources are the...

Impact of AR and VR in E-Learning
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E-learning is no more a concept as it is transformed into a full-fledged industry with the advent of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). AR, VR enabled tools and applications are redefining the traditional learning concepts....

Reshaping E-Learning through Gamification
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Introducing Gamification to be incorporated in E-learning is a creative outlook and has proven to be an effective e-learning medium. It is a process wherein we integrate game mechanics into a website, an enterprise application or online community...

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