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How TED-ED Lessons Introduce Robotics To Students
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The TED-Ed platform offers a video library and the opportunity to assemble and alter mechanical autonomy exercises for understudies. FREMONT, CA: The education sector is moving to robotics from an old sci-fi concept to engage students in STEM...

Technologies that are Elevating Public Safety
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Smart tools are playing a major role in shaping the future of safety in campuses by providing important information to the security officers in educational institutes. The upgraded applications are targeted at improving effectiveness and awareness...

What New has IoT Brought to the Education Industry?
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IoT in education is helping the development of innovative digital learning applications upgrading the quality of teaching-learning process.       FREMONT, CA: The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of those technologies that is...

The Guardian Firewall for iOS is a Significant Step towards Ensuring Mobile User's Privacy
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The recent firewall IOS from Guardian Firewall aims to make its clients capable of asserting control on their data received through hundreds of applications, which surreptitiously steal them. FREMONT, CA: The Guardian Firewall for IOS was...

Technology and Law Enforcement
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Daniel A. Dusseau, Chief of Police, Northern Virginia Community College, Police Department

Much of what many Americans know about law enforcement comes from various television shows and movies. Some of these great shows, like NCIS, emphasize the role of crime labs and their scientists in solving complex cases, often as quickly as in an...

Leveraging Augmented and Virtual Reality in a Multi-Billion Dollar Company
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Sam Lamonica, CIO and Fred Meeske, Corporate Director BIM Services, Rosendin

And so, our journey continues. . . my name is Sam Lamonica, CIO at Rosendin. My friend and colleague Fred Meeske, Corporate Director of BIM Services, and I embarked on a mission a while back to figure out how we can best leverage Augmented and...

Bright Horizons Back-Up Care Simplified with New Mobile App
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Andrew Williams, Director of Product Management, Bright Horizons

The Challenge In addition to its full-service child care centers, Bright Horizons works with companies to provide back-up care services, which parents can leverage if their regular child care falls through. This service offers...

Lessons Learned from Efforts to Create a Study-Ready University
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Timothy Renick, Senior Vice President for Student Success and Professor of Religious Studies, Georgia State University

Over the past decade, Georgia State University has doubled the number of low-income students it enrolls (to 59%) and significantly increased its minority-student populations (to 67%) while simultaneously raisingits graduation rates by 22...

Big Data Collection Opportunities and Problems in Higher Education
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Linda Hartford, CIO, Ellucian

The term “Big Data” has become ubiquitous in higher education, especially around discussions of using data to help with student success. But what exactly is big data; we have had loads of data around for a very long time. If you do an...

Challenges Facing CIOs in the K-12 Industry
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Bill Caritj, Chief Accountability & Information Officer

Both outside and inside the K-12 industry, most people think of schools in relation to their own communities and experiences. These experiences have evolved over the past several decades from classrooms, teachers, blackboards and football games to...

ETHIX360: Multi-pronged Platform to Tackle School Violence
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J Rollins, Co-Founder & CEO

Offers CSone, a platform that enables reporting and responding to undesirable school incidents such as bullying, and delivers comprehensive solution around behavioral observation

Transfinder: The Student Transportation System Pioneer
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Antonio Civitella, President & CEO

Provides transportation management systems and services offering routing, redistricting and scheduling solutions for optimal transportation logistics and communications

TimeClock Plus: The Time Keeping Expert
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Jordy Moorman, President Ernie Nabors, COO Dr. Steve Bannerman, CTO Scott Turner, Vice President, Marketing

Industry-leading Public Sector Workforce Management