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Changing Landscape of the Education Industry
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John Ellinger, CIO of Bowling Green State University

How has the journey been so far in your career? When I first started working I was engaged with the K-12 environment before stepping into the realm of higher education. The way things have worked out I often pinch myself to make sure it is...

The Velocity and Cadence of IT Delivery in Higher Ed
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Matthew Etchison, CIO, Ivy Tech Community College

In the modern world it is rare that someone ever refers to Higher Education as being near the pinnacle of innovation and disruption. Those words are used to describe Tesla, Amazon, Netflix, or startups or scale ups who are disrupting entire...

eLearning Programs to Cover the ML Skills Gap
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FREMONT, CA: Machine learning (ML) has showcased unprecedented growth and benefits in firms that have strategically implemented it to leverage its essence to the fullest, especially in e-learning. Traditional corporate and institutional...

Minimizing the Complexities in Credential Verification with Blockchain
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From the formation of digital and virtual schools like the Florida Virtual School, Utah Electronic High School, and North California Virtual High School to the popularization of edtech apps providing online tuition, technology has largely...

Choosing the Right LMS to Enhance Business Efficiency
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In recent years, learning management systems have emerged as a revolutionary way of managing and monitoring training in any organization. The way organizations approach education been revolutionized by LMS. Since continuing education is...

Significance of Virtual Assistants for C-Suite Executives
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The use of Virtual assistant (VA) is on rapid growth within numerous industries. Organizations of all sizes have started to embrace the technology, leading traditional assistants to be obsolete. Unlike traditional assistants, VAs can...

The Impact of Social Media on Education
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Social media has entered into every aspect of our lives, and learning to handle the usage of the same is essential to a successful life. It might be interesting to note that a quarter of college admission officers consider a potential...

Creating a "Cyber- Mindful" Campus Community: Responding to the Growing Threats of Social Engineering
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Thomas Skill, Associate Provost & CIO, University of Dayton

Let’s face it, cybersecurity isn’t going to get any easier in 2018. As long as there is a financial or geo-political incentive, the threats will keep coming and the level of exploit sophistication will keep rising. Winning this battle...

Transforming Education with Mobile Learning
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James Tagliareni, Chief Information Officer, Washburn University

When I joined the College of the Mainland as CIO two years ago, one of my first priorities was to create a mobile campus, so students and faculty can take advantage of mobile devices and wireless technology inside and outside their classrooms....

Lessons Learned from Efforts to Create a Study-Ready University
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Timothy Renick, Senior Vice President for Student Success and Professor of Religious Studies, Georgia State University

Over the past decade, Georgia State University has doubled the number of low-income students it enrolls (to 59%) and significantly increased its minority-student populations (to 67%) while simultaneously raisingits graduation rates by 22...

Stopping the Ping Pong Effect: Improving Service across Campus for Students, Faculty and Staff
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Rhonda Spells-Fentry, VP for Enterprise Technology and CIO, Prince George's Community College

I have set a priority to stop the ping-pong effect, the zig zagged experience of students, faculty and staff being sent through a series of touchpoints going from building to building or website to email to website. This phenomenon creates...

The CIO of the New Digital Era
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Berhanu Tadesse, AVP for IT/Infrastructure Services, California State University, Fullerton

The role of the CIO has drastically evolved in the past few years. CIOs are no longer just responsible for the data center and the IT infrastructure; on the contrary, they are now sitting at the top table of the executive leadership team....

Using Technology and Data to Enhance Student Success
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Chris Lee, Vice Chancellor - Information Technology Services, Institutional Research Assessment, Arkansas State University-Beebe

Chris Lee is Vice Chancellor of IT Services, Institutional Research Assessment, at Arkansas State University-Beebe, which uses Campus Management’s CampusNexus solutions to transform student success.  In the 2015 book,...

Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Business Education
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Over the last few years, several top business management schools, including INSEAD, MIT Sloan, and Harvard Business School, have launched electives in their MBAs that explore the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI). With an AI environment,...

"Still Fear Moving to the Cloud?"
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Emiliano Diez, VP, Cloud Services, Campus Management Corp

In my conversations with IT executives in higher education and other industries who have not yet moved completely to the cloud, the question is no longer ‘if ’ but ‘when’. Yet a few expressed reservations when it comes to...

Digital Disruption bringing Change in Education
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David Steinour, Chief Information Officer, The George Washington University

Benefits of cloud computing for the education industry At the George Washington University, the Division of Information Technology (IT) has moved several applications to the cloud and is working on business plans to do more. The Division of IT...

K12 Enterprise: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
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Steve Langford, CIO, Beaverton School District

In the early hours of August 30, 2013, the Beaverton School District data center fire suppression system explosively deployed into the room. Over half of the hard drive based storage was destroyed. This event occurred on the Friday before Labor...

IT Must be at the Decision-Making Table in Higher Education
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Dr. Mira Lalovic-Hand, CIO & SVP, Rowan University

Education, the long-lived institution with the straightforward mission of transferring knowledge from current and past generations to new generations, has not changed fundamentally over hundreds of years. There still exist classrooms, teachers,...

6 Things Education CIOs Should Know
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Steve Clagg, CIO, Aurora Public Schools

Aschool district CIO has always been a high-pressure job. Some days feel like you are on an island. Your staff is unhappy with you, your leadership does not understand you, and your customers are throwing you under the school bus. "If you...

GPPMO: Maximizing Collaborative Decision Making and Successful Projects
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Michael Hites, CIO, University of Illinois system

In a central IT department, someone has to build the strategic plan, manage the prioritization process, start and finish projects, and ensure that the customers get what they need. In many large IT organizations, the governance, project...