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Need for Cybersecurity Education
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Maurice E. Dawson, Ph.D., D.C.Sc., SMIEEE, Director of the Center for Cyber Security and Forensics Education, Assistant Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology

America is struggling to fill critical positions in cyber security as cyber attacks continue to rise. As of June 2019, there are 313,735 and a deficient supply of cybersecurity works has been identified through Cyber Seek. Even the...

The Need for Partnership Between IT and Information Security
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Tom Dugas, AVP/CISO, Duquesne University

Over the past 15 years, I have watched the tremendous growth and adoption of Information Security practices in organizations. While the profession has been around longer than that, I personally wasn’t involved with or engaged with a formal...

University IT &Testing and Assessment: IT Partnership
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Brian P. Fodrey, Chief Information Officer, Stevenson University

The importance of Institutional collaboration and being strategic with our resources has no greater value than it does today.  This approach also includes all aspects of higher education, including our testing and assessment measures....

People First Technology
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William Ingram, CIO, Belmont University

When I arrived on Belmont’s campus almost three years ago, I had many ideas about implementing cutting edge technologies that would benefit the campus community. For instance, wouldn’t it be ideal if students could make any campus...

Security in Education, My, How Things Change!
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J. Douglas Streit, Director, IT Security & Planning & CISO, Old Dominion University

I was a new ISO in 2011, having a conversation with an experienced colleague who took issue with some of our information security program. “We are not Fort Knox, after all,” he said. I was not new to higher-education IT, having...

Moving from the "Office of No" to the "Office of Know"
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Chuck Bartel, AVP & CIO, Duquesne University

I am a Pittsburgher, “born and raised” as we say in the Burgh. Pittsburgh is well known in the sports world for our major league teams and many championships (the City of Champions in 1979). Pittsburgh is also known as a bit of a...

Using Analytics To Make The Right Investment
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Jack Suess, VP-IT & CIO, UMBC

Innovative Ways to Foster Growth Within Their Organizations For CIOs to be effective leaders and stay on top of so many changing technologies they must build strong personal networks by actively engaging in community organizations and...

Weaving Robust Identity Systems Into The University's Security Infrastructure
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Dr. Jan I.Fox, SVP- IT & CIO, Marshall University

Innovative ways to foster growth within their organizations Growth within the Marshall University IT organization means utilizing existing team members in new, innovative ways while reaching out to new collaboration partners. University...

River of Change within Higher Education Technology
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John Godfrey, AVC & CISO, University of Kansas Medical Center

“No one ever steps into the same river twice, for it is not the same river and they are not the same person.” This adapted aphorism by Heraclitus sets the stage for the contemporary challenges that leaders of technology within...

Changing Face of Education
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Theresa Rowe, CIO, Oakland University

Complex Talent Management Environment My role has changed significantly over the years. Certainly colleges and universities are under increasing attack, making cyber security an extremely important initiative. Additionally, industry and...

Insecurity U
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David Crain, Assistant Provost & CIO, Southern Illinois University

Am I just paranoid or should we be concerned with the present state of security within higher education? I very much think the latter. In the last few weeks, we learned that a cybercrime group in Russia may have obtained 1.2 billion stolen...
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