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Emerging Trends in Smart Classroom Technology
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Inder Singh, CIO, Springfield Technical Community College

What are some of the significant challenges and trends that have been impacting the education space? Being in the education industry for 30 years, I have observed that one of the significant challenges that is prevailing in the education...

Is Education Going the Dystopian Way?
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It is crucial for educators and students to question any data collection of student that does not seem right and can be used for any off beam reason.  FREMONT, CA: It is a given for any institute that the teachers know more a little more...

Artificial Intelligence: Moving Beyond Computer Science
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Michael A. Gennert, Professor of Computer Science, Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Former Head of WPI’s Robotics Engineering Program

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has recently and rapidly moved from a niche in Computer Science research into the education and business mainstream. Universities are producing increasing numbers of Ph.D.s in AI and closely related fields, including...

Why Treat Students as the enemy when it comes to Cybersecurity?
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Greg Gazanian, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, Arcadia Unified School District

My first experience with cybersecurity in education took place on a warm day in May over 20 years ago. I was a middle school student and had been offered a challenge by my teacher that I couldn’t pass up. “Do you think that you can...

Using Technology and Content to Increase Student Engagement
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Joe Schaefer, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Strayer Education, Inc.

Like many other industries, higher education has undergone a disruptive, technology-based transformation—the growth of online learning. Online education attracts students from all walks of life. Many of today’s college...

Running the Gauntlet in Your Digital Life-Top Survival Tips
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Sam Segran, CIO, Texas Tech University

Over the last twenty years, I have been providing volunteer cybersecurity and cybersecurity awareness lectures to children of all ages, K12 students, business communities, computer science and information systems classes, university...

Building a Success Road for Education Technology
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Thomas Hoover, Associate Vice Chancellor and CIO, University of Tennessee

Working within an environment that embraces both digital content, multiple devices and increased numbers of faculty and student body is both dynamic and exciting. This however, can create a significant strain on the backbone of any university; the...

New LiteManager 4.6.2 to Deliver One-Stop Solution for Organizations
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FREMONT, CA: LiteManagerTeam, a software company, introduces a new version of its LiteManager version 4.6.2 for remote administration of Windows-based computers. It is a one-stop solution programs for organizations to manage network with its wide...

The Emerging Focus on Data Governance in Higher Education
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J. Brice Bible, VP & CIO, SUNY University at Buffalo

Academic institutions all across the U.S. are becoming increasingly aware of the significant gap between their imbedded data and analytic systems and the growing Business Intelligence (BI) needs of their organizations. It is not the lack of...

Horizon Software: Integrated Food Service and Online Payments Software for K12
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Jim Hoefflin, President

Horizon’s technology solutions serve to automate and modernize school nutrition programs and online payments

3 Soft Skills Online Training Mistakes
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Soft skills online training mistakes should be avoided because it can lead to lower sales, compliance violations, and co-worker conflicts. FREMONT, CA: Soft skills are fundamental things because it maintains open lines of communication, builds...
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