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How Do You Increase Bandwidth with Limited Resources?
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Diana M. Wilson, Executive Director at Jeffco Public Schools

In 1998, the average U.S. public school had one internet-accessible computer for every 12 students. Fast-forward twenty years! Now, the number of devices using Wi-Fi in a Jeffco school exceeds the number of students in the building. Many of our...

Moving from the "Office of No" to the "Office of Know"
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Chuck Bartel, AVP & CIO, Duquesne University

I am a Pittsburgher, “born and raised” as we say in the Burgh. Pittsburgh is well known in the sports world for our major league teams and many championships (the City of Champions in 1979). Pittsburgh is also known as a bit of a...

Mobile IT Challenges and Opportunities in the Education Sector
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Deke Kassabian, Senior Director for Networking & Telecommunications, University of Pennsylvania

Mobile device use is skyrocketing everywhere, and higher education is no exception. Each year we see thousands of new students and faculty members arriving on campus, usually with one or more personally-owned mobile devices, with an expectation of...