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Using Technology and Data to Enhance Student Success
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Chris Lee, Vice Chancellor - Information Technology Services, Institutional Research Assessment, Arkansas State University-Beebe

Chris Lee is Vice Chancellor of IT Services, Institutional Research Assessment, at Arkansas State University-Beebe, which uses Campus Management’s CampusNexus solutions to transform student success.  In the 2015 book,...

GPPMO: Maximizing Collaborative Decision Making and Successful Projects
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Michael Hites, CIO, University of Illinois system

In a central IT department, someone has to build the strategic plan, manage the prioritization process, start and finish projects, and ensure that the customers get what they need. In many large IT organizations, the governance, project...

What is ITIL: Is it Applicable to it in Higher Education
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Anthony Adade, Ph.D, AVP & CIO, Worcester State University

As technology use becomes pervasive in our homes and on college campuses, its influence on our lives and on the landscape of higher education has been prominent. We are at a point in its history where we have enough data to help assess how we...

Universities Build for Net Generation Student who BYOE
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Steven C Burrell, VP-IT & CIO, Georgia Southern University

The job of the CIO at a traditional public university is complex. These institutions are like cities with many diverse businesses including retail sales, transportation, police, construction, health care, landscaping, food services, legal...

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