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A Stepping Stone to Smart Classrooms
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William Ingram, CIO, Belmont University

The ever-changing nature of the education space along with the deployment of new technologies creates an opportunity for greater collaboration between campus Information Technology (IT) teams and faculty. At Belmont, our faculty are subject...

Technology Powers Soft Skills Education for Better Patient Experiences
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Rachel Jones, Dean of Curriculum, Instructional Design and Technology Ultimate Medical Academy

Having the right soft skills to support and manage patients – from the front office staff to the physicians themselves – is important for patient outcomes as well as the success of a practice. Positive healthcare experiences contribute...

A Personalized Learning Approach for Corporate Learners
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Personalized learning points its attention to learning rather than mandated training. Furthermore, the instruction also focuses on an individual’s competencies. FREMONT, CA: Be it in the realm of traveling, shopping, or dining;...

Using Learning Technology to Boost Instruction
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Learning applications are making the job of educators effortless without sacrificing student achievement. Schools need to provide proper resources to the teachers so that they feel comfortable while teaching from mobile applications.  ...

A New Era in LMS
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With time, the education industry is profoundly changing and also generating significant changes in the Learning Management System (LMS). Today LMS has evolved to be the primary access point for the students’ interactions and course...

Things to Know About Learning Applications
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The outline of the common questions can help guide parents and educators to take suitable decisions and enhance students’ learning experience. FREMONT, CA: With the advent of learning applications and their steady rise in usability and...

Digital Learning: Significance of the Application's Usability
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Poor or negative user experiences arise when consumers find the tool too difficult to use and not tailored to their needs. FREMONT, CA: The requirements of consumers are the top concern when it comes to digital solutions. Besides, if a device...

Discovering Right Assessment Tools for Classroom
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Educators need to find the correct assessment tool by understanding its use and efficiency in instruction. FREMONT, CA: When it comes to selecting the right EdTech tool, schools need to keep the purpose of technology in mind—how will...

Advantages of Transformational Data for Schools
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When teachers know how to analyze the data, they start taking ownership of their decisions to bring about the change required in their instruction. Teachers will know right away if a new implementation is working or not or if it needs any...

Making Way for LMS in Institutions
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Organizations and LMS vendors must understand each other’s need to make the Learning Management System into a successful implementation. FREMONT, CA: Most schools are moving toward an online training method from the traditional blackboard...

Increasing the Reach of Digital Course Materials with an Extensive Accessibility Solution
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Dr. Bill Ballhaus, Chairman, President & CEO

Blackboard spreads its accessibility solution to align with all leading Learning Management Systems FREMONT, CA: The education sector has already caught up with all the other fields in terms of digital transformation. But the technology applied...

The New Learning Analytics Driving Individualized Learning Outcomes
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Len Peters, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, New York University

One of my goals as the Global CIO of New York University (NYU) is to make sure our technology helps faculty create excellent learning experiences for students all over the world. NYU has over 60,000 students with a nine to one...

Technology, Faculty, and Motivation
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Martha A Kalnin Diede, Director at Syracuse University

While the promise of technologies to engage students, to enhance their learning experience has gotten plenty of physical and virtual ink, the impact of technology on faculty tends to get less attention. Learning Management Systems, video...

Improving Student Engagements and Results
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Doug McCollum, Senior Vice President, Products Strategy, Development, Technology/Platforms at K12

In the light of your experience what are the trends and challenges you’ve witnessed happening with respect to the Artificial Intelligence space? Artificial Intelligence is very exciting for me because of its potential to shape truly...

Technology as a Catalyst in Shaping the Educational Experience
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Eric Kunnen, Associate Director of eLearning and Emerging Technologies, Grand Valley State University

Self-driving cars, groceries delivered by drones, high-powered computers in the palm of your hand, and a home that is Internet connected and automated is quickly becoming the norm. Our lives are being changed daily by a vast array of technologies...

Designing, Developing, and Deploying Online Learning
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Kim Whiteside, Director of Workforce and IT Innovation - Corporate Online, Metropolitan Community College

A growing workforce skill gap and high demand for qualified, trained workers leads to an increased need for not only hands-on training of current and future employees, but also an online component to save time and add value. Metropolitan...

Getting past the "Woo" of the Pitch, and Avoiding the "Woes" of Technology Implementation
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Sheri Barrett, Director, Office of Assessment, Evaluation and Institutional outcomes at Johnson County Community College Contributor

During my 20 + years in higher education and, specifically, in my over 15 years of working in the areas of institutional effectiveness and assessment, I’ve witnessed many changes in the processing of information and data at my institutions....

How To Choose the Right Learning Management System
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The workplace and the classroom continue to transform with the introduction of new technologies. The use of computers and smartphones has allowed the expansion of the bounds of the learning landscape. Among that, the rapid uptake of Learning...

Essentials to Consider While Selecting an LMS for Compliance Training
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An LMS (Learning Management System) is an integral training platform that is aimed at reducing the unwanted incidents that may occur at a workplace; therefore procuring one becomes a tough task. Traditional procurement model included reading...

The Evolving Role of the LMS in Transforming Learning
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Elisha Allen, Director, Academic Technologies & Innovation at The University of New Mexico

From paper-based correspondence courses to the use of radio, television, and videoconferencing, distance education predates the Internet and Learning Management Systems (LMSs) by centuries. Indeed, an individual need for sharing information,...
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