Cybersecurity Awareness for Educational Institutions
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Safeguarding the data and systems is important within any organization, and the same rules apply to the education system due to the sensitive nature of the data handled in educational institutions. All educational institutions hold information on...

Preventing Cyber-Attacks in Universities with Operational Collaboration
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Michael Corn, Deputy CIO & CISO, Brandeis University

University networks have long been viewed as poor models for information security. However in practice many of the challenges facing these networks (broad adoption of consumer-grade services and BYOD for example) are increasingly challenging...

Legal Knowledge Management and the Rise of Artificial Intelligence
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Christopher Zegers, CIO, Lowenstein Sandler LLP.

Sue, partner at BigLaw LLP, has made a career of surpassing her clients’ expectations. This is no trivial task. More often than not, Sue’s clients ask her to develop a strategy and budget to solve problems they cannot clearly define....

The Barbarians are Adapting and Evolving, Are We?
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Sam Segran, CIO, Texas Tech University

From the early days of pranks in college computer labs by inquisitive students to today’s government-sanctioned cyber-espionage, hacking has evolved to become a full-fletched profession. It is nourished by a growing industry of...

Higher Education Challenges: Big Data; Cloud Computing; Information Security
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Elias G. Eldayrie, VP & CIO, University of Florida

Big Data Integral to University Missions While universities mine data to tailor student advising and educational experiences, there are other vitally important higher education issues involved. As big data becomes increasingly important in the...

NET+ : Finding The Sun Through All the Clouds
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Jack Suess, VP-IT & CIO, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

The Campus Computing Project and the EDUCAUSE IT Issues survey both indicate that higher education is cautious in moving to the cloud. Higher education takes a long-term view—being early to adopt technology represents many risks and unclear...

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