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The Amazonification of Service (With Respect to Academics)
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Jack Suess,VP of IT & CIO, UMBC

One of the talks that I give on campus is one that I call “The Amazonification of Service.” I point out how our students and young faculty and staff expect to interact with service providers and lay out five themes we need to take into...

Unlocking the Prowess of Online Education
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Dr. Scott E. Hamm, Director of Doctorate in Leadership | Director of Online Education Assistant Professor of Education, Hardin-Simmons University

Online education has become an ambient part of the higher education landscape in the United States and around the world. While much of the traditional student enrollment numbers have plateaued, online numbers continue to see increased enrollments....

A Stepping Stone to Smart Classrooms
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William Ingram, CIO, Belmont University

The ever-changing nature of the education space along with the deployment of new technologies creates an opportunity for greater collaboration between campus Information Technology (IT) teams and faculty. At Belmont, our faculty are subject...

Top 5 Takeaways for a Successful Learning Management System Transition
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David Robb, Supervisor of Blended Teaching & Learning, Baltimore County Public Schools

Transitioning to a new learning management system (LMS) can be a daunting and overwhelmingexperience for a learning organization. As the needs of an organization change it can often lead to discussions about adjustments to the tools the...

Technology Powers Soft Skills Education for Better Patient Experiences
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Rachel Jones, Dean of Curriculum, Instructional Design and Technology Ultimate Medical Academy

Having the right soft skills to support and manage patients – from the front office staff to the physicians themselves – is important for patient outcomes as well as the success of a practice. Positive healthcare experiences contribute...

Key Considerations for a Successful LMS Implementation
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Garret Yoshimi, Vice President of Information Technology and CIO of University of Hawaii

What are some of the pain points you have experienced in the past, and the trends emerging in the education space? In my experience, the primary pain point is around the changing nature and needs of the institution. Preferences and expectations...

How to Personalize Education with Advanced Technologies
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Personalized learning will build a suitable learning environment for the students, and reduce the administrative workload of teachers allowing them to focus on teaching. FREMONT, CA: Schools and other educational institutes are discarding old...

Driving Digital Learning Innovation: Who You Need and What You Need
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Kristan Davis, Director Digital Learning and Education Technology, Digital Innovation and Consumer Experience (DICE) Group, Jefferson Health & Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University)

While academic and healthcare institutions may be steeped in history and tradition, educational innovation is thriving at Jefferson. Jefferson is also growing rapidly. Once a single university and hospital in Philadelphia, our academic population...

Using Learning Technology to Boost Instruction
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Learning applications are making the job of educators effortless without sacrificing student achievement. Schools need to provide proper resources to the teachers so that they feel comfortable while teaching from mobile applications.  ...

3 Steps For CIOs: Augmenting Technology for Efficient Leadership Training
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The technologies available for leadership training are numerous. By choosing the right kind of system necessary for application in the program can be intimidating. The three ways to offset the training sessions with the correct technology is...

Incorporating Adaptive Learning Platform for Cannabis Awareness
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Ulrik Juul Christensen, CEO

The partnership of companies has jointly targeted the issues raised by misinformation of cannabis handling and usage, following the legalization in Canada. FREMONT, CA: Following the legalization of cannabis in Canada, Area9 Lyceum and...

A New Era in LMS
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With time, the education industry is profoundly changing and also generating significant changes in the Learning Management System (LMS). Today LMS has evolved to be the primary access point for the students’ interactions and course...

Beyond Virtual Teaching Assistants: Broadening Our Understanding of Practical Uses for Artificial Intelligence in Higher Ed
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Matt Lisle, Director of Digital Learning Technologies, Georgia Tech’s Center for 21st Century Universities

When discussing artificial intelligence and higher education, the “Jill Watson” project from Georgia Tech is often cited as one of the premier examples of real-world AI applications in the education space. This groundbreaking...

What Makes Education Conferences Purposeful
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Organizers must consider a few things like objective of the event, schedule, planning for the unexpected and others to make their education conference a success. FREMONT, CA: Often, when conference-goers are posed with a question of...

Digital Learning: Significance of the Application's Usability
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Poor or negative user experiences arise when consumers find the tool too difficult to use and not tailored to their needs. FREMONT, CA: The requirements of consumers are the top concern when it comes to digital solutions. Besides, if a device...

Discovering Right Assessment Tools for Classroom
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Educators need to find the correct assessment tool by understanding its use and efficiency in instruction. FREMONT, CA: When it comes to selecting the right EdTech tool, schools need to keep the purpose of technology in mind—how will...

Making Way for LMS in Institutions
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Organizations and LMS vendors must understand each other’s need to make the Learning Management System into a successful implementation. FREMONT, CA: Most schools are moving toward an online training method from the traditional blackboard...

Not For a Day or a Month, It's For a Lifetime!
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Eric Goldreyer, CEO

The launch of the digital portfolio has brought significant changes in the EdTech, where students and educators are now being able to store their documents by uploading on the platform for lifetime. FREMONT, CA: “Despite billions of...

The New Learning Analytics Driving Individualized Learning Outcomes
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Len Peters, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, New York University

One of my goals as the Global CIO of New York University (NYU) is to make sure our technology helps faculty create excellent learning experiences for students all over the world. NYU has over 60,000 students with a nine to one...

Securing Tests and Exams; Need for 360 Degree Security
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Darrin Theriault, Director of Academic Testing & Prior Learning Assessment Coordinator at Kennesaw State University

As a young Tank Platoon Leader in the US Army, I quickly learned the importance of 360-degree security.  The Soldiers and Non-Commissioned Officers in my platoon also taught me that achieving and maintaining 360-degree security is a...