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Here is How to Secure A Smooth Entry Into the European Edtech Market
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One perplexing question that the entrepreneurs or executives need to attend to is “who will purchase the EdTech when the platform is launched?” Without knowing who the sales pitch is for, one will not be able to design a persuasive...

EdTech Trends to Lookout for In 2019
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Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, Gamification, STEM Learning, and Ease of availability are some trends that organization and institutions can look for to improve the quality of education for students. FREMONT, CA: Contemporary teaching...

Enhanced Teaching and Learning Strategies with IoT
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IoT is transforming the e-learning landscape, making the process of learning more exciting and digitalized. FERMONT, CA: Harnessing the real potential of technology is now an imperative. Adding to the online world's wonders, the technology...

Ways to Advance Online Learning With The Help of Machine Learning
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Machine learning facilitates lecturers in the process of improving online learning courses for students in organizations. FREMONT, CA: Online courses seem like a savior today because of the rise in the number of college and university students...

Artificial Intelligence: Moving Beyond Computer Science
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Michael A. Gennert, Professor of Computer Science, Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Former Head of WPI’s Robotics Engineering Program

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has recently and rapidly moved from a niche in Computer Science research into the education and business mainstream. Universities are producing increasing numbers of Ph.D.s in AI and closely related fields, including...

How Recent Technology Developments and Transformations in AI in the Education Industry have been Impacting UC Berkeley
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Robert David, Managing Director of Corporate Education, University of California - Berkeley

From a student perspective, AI has dramatically affected what we teach but has yet to impact how we teach. At UC Berkeley, we have introduced classes on data science, machine learning, and AI for all levels of students, from undergraduates to MBAs...

eLearning Programs to Cover the ML Skills Gap
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FREMONT, CA: Machine learning (ML) has showcased unprecedented growth and benefits in firms that have strategically implemented it to leverage its essence to the fullest, especially in e-learning. Traditional corporate and institutional...

Implementation of Machine Learning in Education
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FREMONT, CA: Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are revolutionizing the education sector, giving rise to new and innovative teaching approaches. The evolving technologies have personalized teaching and enhanced opportunities...

AI and Machine Learning: Two Essentials for Businesses
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AI with time has become super powerful. With upgraded features and applications, it can now mirror human behavior through machine learning analytics. Why is AI so much in demand? What makes AI so reliable tech? Where will AI take futuristic...

How Machine Learning Will Shape the Future of E- Learning
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Technology and education have crossed paths for the benefit and improvement of society. Advancements like e-learning and online education have become the standards of academic instruction today. Machine Learning (ML) algorithms are used to...

Transforming Learning Process using machine learning
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No one can doubt that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now making machines smarter. Machine learning, a subset of AI, which is present in every aspect of human life including education. Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED) caters to the...

Tech Trends That Are Revolutionizing E-Learning
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Digital transformation is evolving the business landscape and sustaining in this ever-growing industry. Organizations must modify the way they design, deliver and evaluate learning. Let' s have a look at the five technologies that are...

Artificial Intelligence in Higher-Education
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Christopher Harrison, CTO, Nova Southeastern University

Over the last few years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been gaining momentum across all industries and all spectrums of the world from consumer solutions such as Siri and Alexa leveraging Machine Learning to disruptive technologies such as...

Can Machine Learning Help Identify Radicalization Among Students?
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Isaac Kohen, CEO, Teramind

Student radicalization on college campuses is a growing concern, with the same processes happening even in high schools now. Education institutions often are wonderful places for lively discussion about the world, however at times students can...

SchoolNEO, Inc: Specialized Cloud Modernizes Any Learning
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Andy Pulianda, Founder & CEO

The company’s specialized Cloud (IXC) is for modernizing and transforming education, training, learning, and upskilling