Addressing the Cybersecurity Workforce Shortage: Educational Pathways and Stackable Credentials
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Angela Orebaugh, Ph.D., Assistant Professor and Director of Cybersecurity and IT Programs, University of Virginia

The ongoing digital revolution is continuing to create a substantial need for cybersecurity to protect critical assets and personal information.  Networks and data are at risk of compromise due to the lack of staff proactively securing...

Running the Gauntlet in Your Digital Life-Top Survival Tips
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Sam Segran, CIO, Texas Tech University

Over the last twenty years, I have been providing volunteer cybersecurity and cybersecurity awareness lectures to children of all ages, K12 students, business communities, computer science and information systems classes, university...

How the CIO Role is Changing as Business Needs Evolve
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Tim Harper, Ed. D, & CIO, Seminole County Public Schools

The Changing Role of CIOs in Public Education Technology in public education is no longer a novelty and has become paramount to the delivery of content in many PK-12 classrooms across the United States. The demand for digital content delivered...

Extreme Networks Proliferates Classroom Solutions
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FREMONT, CA:  Extreme Networks, a provider of high-performance, open networking innovations for enterprises, services providers, and internet exchanges expands its classroom solutions by catering to new customers and adopting connectivity...

Cloud Computing is Fungible Computing
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Charlie McMahon, VP-IT & CTO, Tulane University

My President came to me recently and asked, “What is cloud computing all about?” I remember the words of a Paul Simon song running through my mind—“Your time has come to shine . . .” The spotlight was on me and I...

Building a Strong Team of IT Generals for Spearheading Campaigns
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Kelly Trosvig, VP-IT & CIO, University of Washington

“Is it really only Wednesday morning?” I ask at 7 AM. It seems like it should be Friday by now. It has been one of those weeks where every day has seen some twist in direction, some major shift in a project or initiative, some new...

The Consumerization of Education
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Sidney Fernandes, Interim VP-IT Assistant VP of Technology & CIO | USF Health Information Systems-University of South Florida

How CIOs can be leaders in helping higher educational institutions survive and thrive in this new reality Higher education is in the midst of an unprecedented change. The change is occurring due to multiple factors that range from significant...

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