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The Changing Landscape of Education
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Darin King, CIO, North Dakota University System

In the past two years our university system of 11 public colleges and universities has seen some significant changes in the way we go about the business of IT, focusing on two main areas: systemwide consolidation and heightened security measures....

Revamping the State of Higher Education with Technology
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Bob Lim, CIO, University of Kansas

There’s no shortage of challenges for CIOs in any industry, and just keeping pace with emerging technology can feel like an endless sprint. It’s difficult not to lose sleep over the day-to-day decisions of budgets, infrastructure,...

Cybersecurity in Higher Education: Enabling Employees to Safeguard Your Data
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Michael Hites, Sr. Associate VP & CIO, University of Illinois System

How can you prove who you are when your identity can be stolen? In the 90’s I had my ID stolen by someone who took the data from my checking account off a personal check (name, address, checking account number) and created a new...

The Evolution of the "I" in CIO
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Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, CIO, University of Illinois at Chicago

It seems it was not that long ago that I started as a student at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and we did our all our computing via terminals on mainframes. These machines were tightly controlled by central computing and largely a mystery...

Running the Gauntlet in Your Digital Life-Top Survival Tips
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Sam Segran, CIO, Texas Tech University

Over the last twenty years, I have been providing volunteer cybersecurity and cybersecurity awareness lectures to children of all ages, K12 students, business communities, computer science and information systems classes, university...

Transforming Education through Personalized Learning at Fulton County Schools
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Serena Sacks, CIO, Fulton County Schools

Today more than ever, information and technology are becoming mission critical to teaching and learning. Kids today are born as digital natives and exposed to digital technology on a daily basis. They can interact seamlessly between the cyber...

Mobile IT Challenges and Opportunities in the Education Sector
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Deke Kassabian, Senior Director for Networking & Telecommunications, University of Pennsylvania

Mobile device use is skyrocketing everywhere, and higher education is no exception. Each year we see thousands of new students and faculty members arriving on campus, usually with one or more personally-owned mobile devices, with an expectation of...

EXO U Announces Partnership with SIGMAnet; Launches New Platform for K-12 Schools
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FREMONT, CA: EXO U, education tech solution providers announces the development and launch of a new platform called EXO U Digital Education Platform. This launch is in partnership with provider of IT infrastructure consulting, solutions and...

Transformative Change in a Change-Averse Environment
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David W. Dodd, VP-IT & CIO, Stevens Institute of Technology

Higher education institutions have been called ‘loosely coupled organizations’ for good reason. Somewhere between the polarized positions which numerous constituencies hold regarding technology, is a somewhat navigable course to...

The Emerging Focus on Data Governance in Higher Education
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J. Brice Bible, VP & CIO, SUNY University at Buffalo

Academic institutions all across the U.S. are becoming increasingly aware of the significant gap between their imbedded data and analytic systems and the growing Business Intelligence (BI) needs of their organizations. It is not the lack of...

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