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Cal State East Bay: A 21st Century Campus Embracing the Cloud
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Borre Ulrichsen, CIO & Associate VP of IT Services, California State University-East Bay

A Day in the Life of a 21st Century CIO As IT professionals in higher education, we are finding ourselves inundated with requests for new and improved IT services to meet the needs of our campus community. Given the place of universities in our...

Campus Life in the Wake of Transformation
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Dr. Jan I Fox, SVP for IT & CIO, Marshall University

Cloud Computing a Benefit Cloud computing is like going back to the future. We operated under shared computer resources in the 80’s and 90’s, hosted well beyond our campuses. Today, universities use cloud computing for the...

Cloud - Wireless Infrastructure to Revolutionize the Education Industry
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Matthew Henry, CIO and Dean of Innovative Education, LeTourneau University

Advantages of cloud computing for the Education industry Cloud computing is an overloaded word. I see several aspects of “cloud” computing having enormous impacts on the Education industry. "Everything from health related...

Transformative Change in a Change-Averse Environment
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David W. Dodd, VP-IT & CIO, Stevens Institute of Technology

Higher education institutions have been called ‘loosely coupled organizations’ for good reason. Somewhere between the polarized positions which numerous constituencies hold regarding technology, is a somewhat navigable course to...

The Emerging Focus on Data Governance in Higher Education
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J. Brice Bible, VP & CIO, SUNY University at Buffalo

Academic institutions all across the U.S. are becoming increasingly aware of the significant gap between their imbedded data and analytic systems and the growing Business Intelligence (BI) needs of their organizations. It is not the lack of...

Screencast-O-Matic: Transforming the Classroom Experience through Video
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Matt Champagne, COO and AJ Gregory, Founder & CTO

Video screen capture learning and sharing company which takes visual collaboration to the next level

DubLabs: Unified Mobile Strategy for Personalized Learning
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Tony Orlando, CEO

DubLabs’ turnkey managed solution consists of the app created and published, native integrations to the school’s systems and app management portal

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