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The Necessity for Adopting a Strategic Vision for Technology
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Param Bedi, VP for Library and Information Technology, Bucknell University

There are increasing pressures on higher education institutions to contain cost. In the past decade, we endured the 2008 financial crisis, then again in 2015 our endowments saw low or negative returns, and now with Brexit, we are all waiting to...

Stopping the Ping Pong Effect: Improving Service across Campus for Students, Faculty and Staff
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Rhonda Spells-Fentry, VP for Enterprise Technology and CIO, Prince George's Community College

I have set a priority to stop the ping-pong effect, the zig zagged experience of students, faculty and staff being sent through a series of touchpoints going from building to building or website to email to website. This phenomenon creates...

How Intentionality Can Help Drive Strategic Wins and Institutional Success
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Thomas Skill, Associate Provost & CIO, University of Dayton

I frequently wince when I’m offered yet another opportunity for our enterprise IT operation to collaborate with a new campus partner. It’s not that I don’t value these relationships, but far too often, poorly conceived...

Networld Solutions: The Power of Technology to K12
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Darryl Vidal, VP

Specializes in Education Technology Strategic Planning and Implementation Project Management
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