Top 10 Technology Trends for 2017
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Scott Fenton, Former CIO, Wind River & Executive Consultant-IT, Scott Fenton Consulting, LLC

This is a new year, so I have a new list of the top technologies trends for 2017. This is a collection of technologies and ideas I feel will see significant growth this year. It’s not scientific, but one derived from readings and...

Managing IT to Find Solutions in Higher Education
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Michael Hites, CIO, University of Illinois system

Is IT an enabler of efficiency in higher education, or is it an unavoidable expense? There is no doubt that processes like recruiting and registration have become more efficient though automation; however, innovative teaching and learning is...

Challenges Facing CIOs in the K-12 Industry
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Bill Caritj, Chief Accountability & Information Officer

Both outside and inside the K-12 industry, most people think of schools in relation to their own communities and experiences. These experiences have evolved over the past several decades from classrooms, teachers, blackboards and football games to...

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