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Why Platforms with Interoperability are best for EdTech
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Teachers can save up time for focusing on interactions with the students by utilizing the interoperability of the technologies in classroom. The feature will not only drive the efficiency of the technology but also assists in integrating various...

A Personalized Learning Approach for Corporate Learners
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Personalized learning points its attention to learning rather than mandated training. Furthermore, the instruction also focuses on an individual’s competencies. FREMONT, CA: Be it in the realm of traveling, shopping, or dining;...

E-Learning: A Step towards a Smarter Future!
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Novel technologies have paced up the game of e-learning. Smarter education system makes students curious about new digital ways of learning!  FREMONT, CA: With technology, the education sector has been welcoming a multitude of smart...

Opening New Worlds: The Persistent Role of Virtual Reality in Education
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Steven McGahan, Associate Director for Instructional Design, University of Nebraska at Kearney

The educational graveyard is full of technologies that were touted as the next game-changing innovation. From the rear-view mirror, supposedly failed experiments litter the educational landscape: podcasts, MOOCs, iPad courses, and, of course,...

Things Teacher Consider Before Implementing New Technology
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With new Edtech Tools coming into the education industry, it is essential that teachers put them to use in their instruction. FREMONT, CA: There are new and latest edtech solutions available to assist teachers and also enhance their...

How RPA Can Increase Grades of Educational Institution?
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FREMONT, CA: The capabilities of automation in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools are high; it will boost the accuracy, efficiency of administrative work. RPA for education is a catalyst for innovation in the field. It is necessary to...

Towards Enhancing Employee Training
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Advances in technology have revolutionized employee training. With the growing number of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, mobile learning is reshaping the way employees work. These devices support self-directed learning and help...

Tech Trends That Are Revolutionizing E-Learning
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Digital transformation is evolving the business landscape and sustaining in this ever-growing industry. Organizations must modify the way they design, deliver and evaluate learning. Let' s have a look at the five technologies that are...

Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence - A Value Proposition Primer for CIOs
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Sammy Amirghodsi, VP, Data Management, Options Clearing Corporation (OCC)

With increased focus on robotic process automation (RPA) to automate mundane and repetitive tasks, the next evolution in cognitive automation is now underway. Chief Information Officers CIOs are evaluating and deploying second generation cognitive...

The Business Case for eLearning
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Patti P. Phillips, President & CEO, ROI Institute, Inc. and Jack J. Phillips, Chairman, ROI Institute, Inc.

Most would agree that any large expenditure in an organization should be connected to business success. Even in non-business settings, large investments should connect to organizational measures of output, quality, cost, and time. Senior...

Business-Like Decision Making In Higher Education
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Donald Spicer, Associate Vice Chancellor and CIO, University System of Maryland

Higher education institutions are complex enterprises with missions that are difficult to quantify, and often support activities that mirror that of a small city. In good times higher education leadership often depended on experience and...

Dynamic and Agile Environments for Learning
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Brian Fodrey, Assistant Dean for Facilities and Information Technology, CIO, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Introduction The value in working with EdTech startups is as powerful as ever given that technology is increasingly becoming more portable and the marketplace competitive. Similar to a successful startup, organizations are constantly...

AI and the Future of Field Service: Moving from Efficiency to Innovation
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Michael Alcock, Director-CIO Executive Programs & Content, Microsoft [NASDAQ: MSFT]

From the 10,000-foot view for field service, the priority is typically to enable faster fixes, for less cost, at less risk, and ideally with a seamless automation of administrative processes. For the CIO managing a portfolio of field enablement...

How to Transition from Business/ Industry IT into Higher Education in an Awesome Way
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Leebrian E. Gaskins, CIO, Texas A&M International University

So, you have decided to enter the world of higher education as a senior IT executive? You’re a highly successful executive IT professional with progressive levels of responsibility in business or industry. Now, you’re taking on a...

Clearing the clouds to drive learning outcomes- What Higher Education CIOs Need to Consider When Implementing Cloud-based Solutions
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Niranjan Nagar, CTO, Civitas Learning

Cloud solutions are profoundly changing the technology landscape in higher education as they are doing so many other industries. Working with cloud-based solution vendors, in addition to moving to cloud hosting, helps scale the capabilities of...

Higher Education's Secret Sauce: Cooperation and Collaboration
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Donald Z. Spicer, AVC & CIO, University System of Maryland

Given the competitive orientation of most corporations, the ability to cooperate and/ or collaborate is limited to close partners and suppliers. While higher education institutions compete for students, faculty, and research grants, the overall...

Cloud Computing Play an Integral role in Education Arena
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Brian Young, VP & CTO, Colorado College

Cloud Computing Benefits Many institutions of higher education have been embracing cloud computing for several years now. From email, calendaring, to collaboration tools, many colleges and universities have become comfortable with cloud-based...

The Role of Technology in Driving Education to a New Level
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Khalil Yazdi, Consulting CIO and Principal, Yazdi and Associates, LLC.

Significant Trends in The major technological developments impacting the HiED industry include migration to cloud, big data, mobility, IOT, machine learning, analytics and of course, security. The trend towards cloud services adoption provides...

GPPMO: Maximizing Collaborative Decision Making and Successful Projects
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Michael Hites, CIO, University of Illinois system

In a central IT department, someone has to build the strategic plan, manage the prioritization process, start and finish projects, and ensure that the customers get what they need. In many large IT organizations, the governance, project...

Driving Value with Student-centric Technology Services
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Nigel Longworth, CIO/VP IT, President, Herzing University

Shift from IT Centric to Student Centric Technology   Higher Education is going through many changes, including the shift from IT system-centric to student-centric technology services.  Our increasing use of cloud computing supports...