HD, Interactive Distance Education
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Phil Way, Associate VP and CIO, Northland Pioneer College

Northland Pioneer College’s TALON distance learning system is overcoming barriers of remoteness and limited resources that, until recently, prevented many high school students from taking dual enrollment college courses. Rural high schools...

The Science and Art of Creating Connected Learning Environments
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Bucky Dodd, Ph.D., Chief Learning Innovation Officer, University of Central Oklahoma

The Internet continues to revolutionize the way people share information. It makes tasks that would have taken significant time and investment more efficient and sustainable. The Internet has given us new spaces for learning and at the same time...

AI: Accelerating Decision-Making
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Nigel Duffy, Global Innovation AI Leader, Ernst & Young LLP

The key to victory is to make more appropriate decisions more quickly than one’s opponents. This critical insight, developed by U.S. Air Force Colonel John Boyd, is embodied in his OODA Loop concept. The principle applies as much to business...

Preparing for a Data Science Future
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Michael Hites, CIO, Southern Methodist University

There are many analogies in sports for predicting the immediate future: anticipate the pass, skate to where the puck is going to be, and beat them to the punch. Even though technology keeps moving our goalposts in higher education, we know where...

Technology Gives Eastern Students a Competitive Edge
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Elsa M. Núñez, President, Eastern Connecticut State University

Fascinating new technology tools are being used by Eastern Connecticut State University faculty to prepare students for a global economy driven by technological change. The latest technology is allowing students to see and react to the world...

Pixels & Papyrus: Constantly Seeking Balance in a Digital World
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Philippe Ernewein, Director of Education, Denver Academy

The screen keeps creeping into my world of reading and it has made me start to wonder: How might reading on screen impact my comprehension of what I’m reading? Like many people today, for a variety of reasons, I often have to read text on...

Rethinking Knowledge Assessment in Education
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Dr. Manu Kumar, Founder & Chief Firestarter, K9 Ventures

All of us, including you, the reader, probably went through an education system in which you were graded on the basis of either a numerical score or percentage, or a letter grade. If you think about why this system exists in this form, it’s...

Digitization to Modernize Higher Education
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Tom Ryan, Director of IT, Rutgers University–Camden

In recent years, digital technologies that allow instructors to livestream and/or record their lectures and make them accessible to students on demand have become vital to the effective delivery of lessons. The simple fact is that life has a...

Moving the Needle on Higher Education's Triple Threat
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Matt Lisle, Director of Digital Learning Technologies, Georgia Tech’s Center for 21st Century Universities

The Triple Threat Our team at Georgia Tech’s Center for 21st Century Universities (C21U) spends a great deal of time thinking about the alliterative “triple threat” faced by higher education: affordability, accessibility, and...

Leveraging Technology to Scale Change
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Timothy Renick, Ph.D., VP for Enrollment Management and Student Success, Georgia State University

I was recently speaking to a large group of college administrators. After outlining some of steps we have taken at Georgia State University to almost double our graduation rates, I received a challenge. The president of a small college with...

The Role of Career Technical Education in Bridging the Skills Gap
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Stuart Udell, CEO, K12 Inc.

February is Career Technical Education (CTE) Month, created to raise awareness about and help bridge the skills gap currently experienced by businesses across the nation. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, more than half of U.S....

Season of Change for CIOs in Higher Education
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Loretta Early, CIO and VP, University of Oklahoma

“How are you doing?” seems a simple question, but increasingly this question is followed by, “Loretta, is it difficult to be a CIO in Higher Education these days?” And it’s easy to understand why someone would ask...

Higher Education's Secret Sauce: Cooperation and Collaboration
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Donald Z. Spicer, AVC & CIO, University System of Maryland

Given the competitive orientation of most corporations, the ability to cooperate and/ or collaborate is limited to close partners and suppliers. While higher education institutions compete for students, faculty, and research grants, the overall...

High Performance Computing-Our Path to Success
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Joe Gargiulo, CIO, Southern Methodist University

If you had the choice of High-Performance Computing (HPC) or low-performance computing, which one would you pick? Nobody asks if you want low-performance computing, because who would want that? Maybe if you didn’t care when you got the...

Cloud - Wireless Infrastructure to Revolutionize the Education Industry
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Matthew Henry, CIO and Dean of Innovative Education, LeTourneau University

Advantages of cloud computing for the Education industry Cloud computing is an overloaded word. I see several aspects of “cloud” computing having enormous impacts on the Education industry. "Everything from health related...

Advancing Research through Strategic Partnerships
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David E. Lewis, VP IT and CIO, University of Rochester

The modern university exists in a digital global world where information technology has become a uniquely transformational and pervasively enabling resource. The student of the future has increased expectations for everyday use of technology. The...

Konica Minolta Provides 3D Printers to Weehawken Public School Enabling a Well-equipped Lab for Students
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Weehawken, NJ: Konica Minolta, a provider of enterprise content management, technology optimization and cloud services, collaborates with Weehawken Public School to support installation of a state-of-the art STEAM lab by providing 3D printers....

Project ASCENT Highlights Issues Hindering STEM Courses
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FREMONT, CA: The Knowles Science Teaching Foundation (KSTF) announced its upcoming program, Project ASCENT(Achieving STEM course Effectiveness Through Networked Teachers) with a  three day meeting for participants under the guidance and...

IT Facilitating Teaching and Research
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Greg Smith, CIO, Missouri University of Science & Technology

I watched our talented students develop a user-friendly interface to load large data sets into their ParaView application so that we could visualize geophysical data via a high definition 3D display. This is representative for a heavily focused...

MakerBot launches Starter Lab for Enhancing the Educational Platform
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Education Technology Insights

BROOKLYN, N.Y: 3D printing has already made an imprint in this fast growing market, providing people with an extra-ordinary visibility to visualize their ideas in an elegant manner. Now with the enhancements in the technologies, 3D printing is...

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