Technology enhancing e-learning
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From kindergarten to post-graduation, the use of computers and innovative technologies has become a vital element of the education system. Infusing technologies in classrooms is enhancing learning by making it more interesting, interactive,...

Cloud-A Closer Reality for Education Industry
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Bill Gruszka, VP/CIO, Clayton State University

Benefits of Cloud Computing for the Education Industry Cloud computing is an interesting topic. Discussing its benefits will always put you on the politically correct side of the topic. If you read the national press, and listen to some of my...

The 3 Biggest Challenges of Managing Development Across Time Zones
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Saunak Ranjitkar, CIO/Chief Software Architect, Spiralogics

One of the most significant challenges that modern companies face is coordinating employees across time zones. Today, the demands of cross-country teamwork are compounded by a global market— many team members are contending with 8-12 hour...

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