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Fostering Virtual Collaboration for Higher Education Institutions in Today's Digital Learning Environment
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Dennis Bonilla, Executive Dean, College of Information Systems and Technology, School of Business and College of Criminal Justice, University of Phoenix

Higher education institutions often view collaboration as the joint effort between various departments to realize or achieve a unified goal. Typically, this goal is increased retention or graduation rates. However, the ubiquity of online...

Virtual Learning: choosing the right tools
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The present trend in learning involves the use of technology to create a Virtual learning experience. The choice of the right tools is important, as they influence the whole online learning experience. Therefore, it is crucial that we take the...

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Cloud - A Game Changer for the Education Industry
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Diane Jones, Chief Information and Strategic Officer, Detroit Public Schools

Advances in IT applications are presenting the education industry with opportunities to leverage the power of IT to create new value through digital instruction. Technologies that enable education movement include cellular and wireless networks,...

Driving Second Order Change with Technology
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Doug Johnson, Director of Technology, Burnsville-Eagan-Savage (MN) Public Schools

When your district’s parents ask their kids how they used technology in school that day, how would your students answer? We read an e-textbook. We took a quiz. We wrote a paper. Or would the responses be: I read an article especially...

"How did you use your computer in school today?"
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Doug Johnson, Director of Technology, Burnsville-Eagan-Savage (MN) Public Schools

This simple question is one that that many parents in our school district will be asking their children after the 2016 fall roll-out of our 9-12 Chromebook 1:1 initiative. And the question has driven our thinking and planning efforts. While...

Nimble Approach to Brim Connectivity at Minimal Cost
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Curt Pederson, CIO, University of Portland

Challenges/Opportunities: In April of 2013 I joined the University of Portland, a mid-sized Catholic university in Portland, Oregon.  It didn’t take too long to discover that we needed to do something quickly to catch up with the...

Wormhole Live Learning: Revolutionizing E-Learning Interactions
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Bruno Interlandi, CMO

Providing companies, professional associations, and educational institutions the simplest way to offer online training while retaining the best of live education

Knowledge Anywhere: Pioneering Better Learning
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Brant Gibbons, Director of Development

Creator of custom, performance-based learning management solutions to make the transfer of knowledge more flexible

Classting: Avant-garde LMS for Public Schools
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Dave H. Cho, Founder & CEO

An EdTech startup that combines education with technology, while studying the newest trends, to provide the best learning experience for students

Hootsuite: Revolutionizing Campus Engagement
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Ryan Holmes, CEO

Empowers educational institutions to execute social media strategies across their schools, colleges, and students for better engagement...

Enterprise Hive: Accelerating Campus Engagement
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Vicki Tambellini, President, CEO, & Founder

Delivers solutions to help institutions create better engagement and customer service for their students, leading to better outcomes

Sunburst Digital: Innovation and Value for Educators
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Ken Leonard, Chairman & CEO

Delivers and connects ground-breaking digital content solutions to schools and classrooms

Accord LMS: Ease and Agility for Educators
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Chris Wylie, CEO

Provider of innovative, extensible and cost effective platforms in the Learning Management System industry

Teachers Media International: Connecting Educators and Schools through Social Media
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Angela Ney, Founder

A global provider of online professional development, training products, and services designed to enhance teacher professional skills Helping Educational Professionals Grow and Serve Knowledge Effectively
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Lisa Schmucki, Founder and CEO

A social networking platform for educational professionals to learn and share new ideas

Sprout Social: A Collaborative Platform for Dynamic Social Communication
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Justyn Howard, CEO and Founde

Sprout Social is a social media management platform created to help clients grow their social media presence

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