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Mobile Device Management Services in K-12 Schools
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As BYOD and one-to-one programs spread, K–12 IT teams must ensure they are able to control, monitor and update devices regularly. FREMONT, CA: K–12 students and educators depend strongly on mobile devices for learning and...

Here Are Four Models to Reconstruct Higher Education
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The world is rapidly evolving with technology, and universities are developing new knowledge base for educating the next generation of students focusing on customizable courses and experiences outside of the classroom. FREMONT, CA: A current...

Here Are Some Smart Ways To Innovate Startups
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Three exploration frameworks like changing the ides, which does not work, making things easier for customers, and making things more inexpensive will reduce the risk and uncertainty linked with startups. FREMONT, CA: Innovative thoughts,...

How Southeast Asia's EdTech Startups Can Revamp Education?
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When it comes to challenges, public budgets in most ASEAN countries are not sumptuous. Most have made immense strides in providing widespread access to schooling but still, struggle with raising the quality. FREMONT, CA: Today education is...

A Step towards the Classrooms of the Future For Ed Tech to work, frame it around school improvement
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Lauren Thorpe, Head of Data & Systems Strategy, Ark

It might seem like the most exciting time for Ed Tech in over a decade. There is a government strategy, a sector leadership group (of which I am a member), and over 10,000 Ed Tech companies across the globe vying for our custom (gulp!). To be...

Secrets of being a Successful Entrepreneur
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Aaron Goodin, Ecommerce Product and Business Strategy, Pacific Dream Seafoods and CEO and Founder of Tack

As every entrepreneur knows, creating a startup is hard work. Sure, you’ve got a great idea, but do VCs agree? Have you done the research and identified an actual need in the marketplace? Do you have a plan of attack on how to get your...

Smart Classroom and Innovative Students: Enhanced EdTech
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The question of introducing technology in the classroom has passed through different layers of debate. According to the research by Pew Research Center, almost 73 percent of Advanced Placement and National Writing Project teachers agree that in...

Eliminating Digital Distraction in EdTech
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The use of technology in the classroom has always been a debatable issue. Many believe that the use of technology may lead to digital distraction. Not only the students but professionals are vulnerable to this problem. It is not wise to ban...

Incidents in Ed-Tech: Indication toward a Change?
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The whole process of education is undergoing a technological shift. The introduction of technological devices in classrooms enables the schools to fight against the crumbling educational infrastructure. But, the world has moved beyond this. The...

Future Trends for E-learning
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Education sector just like others has witnessed the technological transformation and eLearning is the outcome of the transformation. E-learning has just made its way and has many changes to observe still, few them which will play a major role in...

Bridgewater State University - Technovation for an Enriched Learning Experience
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Raymond Lefebvre, CIO, Bridgewater State University

Bridgewater State University is one of the most popular and preferred educational institutions of Massachusetts today. There's more to the 178-year-old university than its breathtaking campus that sprawls over 278 acres, a student strength of...

Stopping the Ping Pong Effect: Improving Service across Campus for Students, Faculty and Staff
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Rhonda Spells-Fentry, VP for Enterprise Technology and CIO, Prince George's Community College

I have set a priority to stop the ping-pong effect, the zig zagged experience of students, faculty and staff being sent through a series of touchpoints going from building to building or website to email to website. This phenomenon creates...

Will Data Eat the World? Yes, With Some Help from Open Source
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Alfred Essa, VP, Analytics & R&D, McGraw-Hill Education

“Six decades into the computer revolution, four decades since the invention of the microprocessor, and two decades into the rise of the modern Internet, all of the technology required to transform industries through software finally works...

Student Data Security: A Call to Arms for K-12
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Jim Pulliam, CIO, Orange County Public Schools

Protecting personal data is a way of life for most organizations and individuals today. Threats are on the rise and are growing in sophistication. At the same time, more and more data is shared online and over cloud services. But for K-12...

Revolutionizing the Edutech Space
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Cody Down, CIO & Associate VP, Hawai‘i Pacific University

How have you seen the evolution of digital solutions in the education space? Are there any impactful initiatives you are currently overseeing? Hawai’i Pacific University is committed to providing our students with the technology and...

3 Texting Tips to Help High School Students Make a Successful Transition to College
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Brian Kathman, CEO, Signal Vine

High school seniors have a lot on their minds, from college applications to campus visits to wrapping up their social and academic time in high school. With everything going on, it’s not uncommon for things to fall through the...

Using Technology and Content to Increase Student Engagement
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Joe Schaefer, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Strayer Education, Inc.

Like many other industries, higher education has undergone a disruptive, technology-based transformation—the growth of online learning. Online education attracts students from all walks of life. Many of today’s college...

The Need for Digital a Digital Transformation of College Campuses
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Bill Young, CISO, Butler Community College

In an attempt to avoid being too clichéd, I did not want to start this article off with one of those “when I was a kid” stories. Unfortunately, that is the only real way to bring this conversation into perspective, so here...

The Rise of Big Data In Education Space
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Dr. Carl R. Powell, CIO, Eastern Michigan University

Technology Trends That Have Significant Impact On Education Sector The biggest one right now is Mobility and BYOD (Bring-Your- Own-Device), or BYOE (Bring-Your-Own-Everything). Higher education is different than most businesses because everybody...

Transformative Change in a Change-Averse Environment
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David W. Dodd, VP-IT & CIO, Stevens Institute of Technology

Higher education institutions have been called ‘loosely coupled organizations’ for good reason. Somewhere between the polarized positions which numerous constituencies hold regarding technology, is a somewhat navigable course to...
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