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Road to Educational Advancement Through Blockchain
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Edtech is growing at a rapid pace and the next milestone in the journey could be the blockchain technology. The K-12 culture will witness major upheavals with the advent of the distributed ledger as it seems to be a panacea for the current...

Learning Analytics - An Emerging Field for Data Collection
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Theresa Rowe, CIO, Oakland University

Seek to Purchase Cloud Services Agility and flexibility are key to success in educational technology and service delivery. We must move quickly, but we also need to make sure that we are efficient and effective. Students expect us to use their...

Amazon Beams its Cloud Infrastructure to Classrooms through AWS Educate
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Education Technology Insights

FREMONT, CA: Amazon brings its state of the art cloud platforms to the classrooms in order to foster a skilled workforce that is ready to perform and excel while working with cloud computing technologies. The ecommerce and cloud services company...

Cloud Computing is Fungible Computing
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Charlie McMahon, VP-IT & CTO, Tulane University

My President came to me recently and asked, “What is cloud computing all about?” I remember the words of a Paul Simon song running through my mind—“Your time has come to shine . . .” The spotlight was on me and I...

RedVector to Offer Mobileready Safety Training to Industrial Businesses
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TAMPA, FL: RedVector, a provider of online training to industrial businesses has come up with its mobileready training courses to teach the safe handling, storage and transport of chemicals, oil and gas. Some of the industries include chemical...

Transformative Change in a Change-Averse Environment
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David W. Dodd, VP-IT & CIO, Stevens Institute of Technology

Higher education institutions have been called ‘loosely coupled organizations’ for good reason. Somewhere between the polarized positions which numerous constituencies hold regarding technology, is a somewhat navigable course to...