Fostering Virtual Collaboration for Higher Education Institutions in Today's Digital Learning Environment
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Dennis Bonilla, Executive Dean, College of Information Systems and Technology, School of Business and College of Criminal Justice, University of Phoenix

Higher education institutions often view collaboration as the joint effort between various departments to realize or achieve a unified goal. Typically, this goal is increased retention or graduation rates. However, the ubiquity of online...

Information Security: Your People, Your First Line of Defense
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Eddie Borrero, CISO, Robert Half [NYSE:RHI]

Acompany can put together as many technology solutions or policies as it likes, but, in the end, its people are the most important element in information security. If the employees in your organization don’t feel personally invested in...

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The Brass Ring: Collaboration- Driven Learning Online
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Sam Herring, CEO, Intrepid Learning, Inc.

There’s an outdated “truth” still found in executive education and corporate learning— that to deliver meaningful collaboration and peer-to-peer learning, learners must all be together in a physical classroom. Online is...

Increasing The ROI Of Technology In Education
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James Garner Ptaszynski, Senior Director, World Wide Higher Education, Microsoft Corporation

With the calendar year winding down, Robin considers what her priorities should be for the coming New Year. It has been almost five years since she traded her teaching role for that of a CIO, and while she believes she has accomplished a great...

The Power of Innovation with Collaboration Technology
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Terry Vahey, CIO and Associate Vice President for IT Services, San José State University

Powering Silicon Valley San Jose State University is Silicon Valley’s number one source of graduates in education, engineering, computer science and business. In 2012, the university embarked on a five year journey to upgrade the...

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