Digital Curriculum - Its Privacy Concerns and Impact on Students
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Maurice Draggon, Senior Director, Digital Learning, Orange County Public Schools

Two years ago the thought of Facebook, Google, and Twitter making multiple appearances before Congress to defend how they manage user data seemed far-fetched. Today, the societal reckoning with data privacy is not only here for big tech companies,...

Artificial Intelligence in Higher-Education
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Christopher Harrison, CTO, Nova Southeastern University

Over the last few years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been gaining momentum across all industries and all spectrums of the world from consumer solutions such as Siri and Alexa leveraging Machine Learning to disruptive technologies such as...

Can Machine Learning Help Identify Radicalization Among Students?
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Isaac Kohen, CEO, Teramind

Student radicalization on college campuses is a growing concern, with the same processes happening even in high schools now. Education institutions often are wonderful places for lively discussion about the world, however at times students can...

Remodeling the Education Industry
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Sue B. Workman, CIO & VP, Case Western Reserve University

Few decades ago, most universities viewed ERP as a fully integrated system to manage their institutes efficiently. ERP solutions for managing data were traditionally closed hosted systems with basic interfaces but now educational institutions are...

Technology Initiatives for the Educational Environment
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Paige Francis, Associate CIO, Shared Services & Academic Technology, University of Arkansas

The University of Arkansas Fayetteville (UAF) seemingly has it all: an energetic and infectious "students first" mentality, a near-idyllic setting in the picturesque Northwest Arkansas region of our state, and now eight new guiding...

Technology Is about the People, Not the Devices
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Alex J. Podchaski, Director of Technology, Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child

In a popular series of commercials between rival cellular phone manufacturers a few years ago, end users get all caught up in the specific features, options, and accessories of their particular devices. At the end of the commercials, the...

Cloud - Wireless Infrastructure to Revolutionize the Education Industry
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Matthew Henry, CIO and Dean of Innovative Education, LeTourneau University

Advantages of cloud computing for the Education industry Cloud computing is an overloaded word. I see several aspects of “cloud” computing having enormous impacts on the Education industry. "Everything from health related...

IT Organizations are Missing the Woods for the Trees
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Ken Ingle, CIO, Rowan-Cabarrus Community College

For a number of years IT in most organizations was based on a single word, control.  Everything within the IT organization revolved around control. The central IT group was all about control of access, control of equipment, control of...

Insecurity U
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David Crain, Assistant Provost & CIO, Southern Illinois University

Am I just paranoid or should we be concerned with the present state of security within higher education? I very much think the latter. In the last few weeks, we learned that a cybercrime group in Russia may have obtained 1.2 billion stolen...

TargetX: Efficiently Monitoring the Student Lifecycle
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Sasha Peterson, CEO

Assists education institutions in student recruitment, admission, retention, and so forth using social media platforms

Swizly: Social Media Aggregation Platform
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Ziad Nassar, Co-founder

A cloud-based social media aggregation platform provider, organizing all the content from different platforms into one social media hub, making sure all the information is properly accumulated and accessible at all times...

NUVI: Innovative Edge for Success
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Keith Nellesen, CEO

Provides a real-time analytics platform focused on social media listening, engagement, and reporting for the education industry

Hootsuite: Revolutionizing Campus Engagement
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Ryan Holmes, CEO

Empowers educational institutions to execute social media strategies across their schools, colleges, and students for better engagement...

Teachers Media International: Connecting Educators and Schools through Social Media
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Angela Ney, Founder

A global provider of online professional development, training products, and services designed to enhance teacher professional skills

TargetX: Leveraging Social Media to Boost Recruitment
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Sasha Peterson, CEO

Assists the institutions in student recruitment, admission, retention, and so forth using social media platforms

Collaboration Solutions: Enhancing Social Media Collaboration for Enhanced Learning
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Jeremy Short, CEO

Offers collaborative workspaces, conferencing solutions, and products providing a complete range of digital experiences

SchoolMessenger: Unifying K-12 Communications across North America
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Sanford Kenyon, President and CEO

Provider of K-12 communication solutions

Sprout Social: A Collaborative Platform for Dynamic Social Communication
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Justyn Howard, CEO and Founde

Sprout Social is a social media management platform created to help clients grow their social media presence

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