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The Case for AR and VR in the classroom
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Lucien Parsons, MA, MBA, Director, MAVRIC at UMD

Even as the hype surrounding VR (Virtual Reality) for gaming has waned, the possibilities for the use of VR and AR (Augmented Reality) for educational purposes have expanded.A combination of cheaper and better hardware, the ubiquity of the modern...

Preparing Today’s Students for Tomorrow’s World
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Rolfe Kolbe, Digital Learning Leader, Wenona

According to the Foundation for Young Australians, the demand for digital skills, combined with creativity and critical thinking skills, has risen exponentially since 2012. So, as we teach and prepare our students for life beyond Wenona, we must...

How AR/VR is Helping K-12 Organizations in Assistive Learning
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With virtual reality headgears and headsets, students pay attention to their study, excluding other activities. FREMONT, CA: Schools have a responsibility to pay attention to all the students’ requirements. But it can be a difficult task...

What Are Some Fields Teachers Need Professional Development In?
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Digital literacy, virtual reality, cloud computing, makerspaces, virtual literacy, and gamification are some prime areas that educators need professional training on. FREMONT, CA: In the present day, if one wants to become a competent educator,...

E-Learning: A Step towards a Smarter Future!
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Novel technologies have paced up the game of e-learning. Smarter education system makes students curious about new digital ways of learning!  FREMONT, CA: With technology, the education sector has been welcoming a multitude of smart...

Transforming the Workplace with Virtual Reality
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A Virtual Reality (VR) learning system offers various benefits along with specialized training. Institutions can consider implementing VR by combining it with the learning culture of their organizations. It will be beneficial for learners while...

EdTech Trends to Lookout for In 2019
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Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, Gamification, STEM Learning, and Ease of availability are some trends that organization and institutions can look for to improve the quality of education for students. FREMONT, CA: Contemporary teaching...

eLearning Gains New Dimensions with Virtual Reality
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VR can be an exciting technology that it has already started to revolutionize the industry of eLearning. eLearning companies have appreciated its enormous potential and are also accepting the technology to its fullest scale. FREMONT,...

Get Ready for the Interview with Virtual Reality
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VR development can help pupils master different circumstances related to a job interview that might be infuriating. FREMONT, CA: Virtual Reality (VR) is one of the most compelling emerging technologies. Whether one is walking through an art...

Boosting Virtual Reality Research
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As the prices for immersive technologies come down, it is necessary for organizations to set up programs for faculty to experience them. FREMONT, CA: Many institutions today are devoted to assisting faculty on the possible means of utilizing...

Education through the Lens of Virtual Reality
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VR simulations in education enable a better understanding of the topic to a level that the knowledge can be applied even in real life. FREMONT, CA: The journey of virtual reality (VR) applications began in gaming and media sector. With time,...

Education is Expensive? Try E-Learning!
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E-learning changes have come up with a user-friendly, meticulous content, and greater popularity in learning along with advancement of technology. E-learning trends are evolving, that can assure perfect learning platform without any waste of tour...

Improving Classroom Interactions with AR and VR
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FREMONT, CA: Immersive technologies have aided students in understanding theoretical ideas and systems with ease, equipping them for careers with technologies like VR and AR via simulations and recreation of experiences. The technologies not only...

Dipping in a Toe or Going Full Belly Flop: Incorporating Augmented and Virtual Reality into the Design Process
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Raymond Kent, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP BD+C, CTS Principal Innovative Technology Design Group, DLR Group

The ability to design complex things continues to advance at an exponential pace as computing and processing power, communications platforms, and advanced visualization tools permeate design studios at an ever-quickening rate. This is driven not...

How Virtual Reality Will Change Where We Work
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David Sapienza, VR Studio Director, HTC

It is still the foundational years of virtual and augmented reality and there is a great big ocean of ideas and thoughts on how the technology will impact our lives. Although there is a lot of enthusiasm about VR movies, social apps, and gaming,...

Leveraging Augmented and Virtual Reality in a Multi-Billion Dollar Company
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Sam Lamonica, CIO and Fred Meeske, Corporate Director BIM Services, Rosendin

And so, our journey continues. . . my name is Sam Lamonica, CIO at Rosendin. My friend and colleague Fred Meeske, Corporate Director of BIM Services, and I embarked on a mission a while back to figure out how we can best leverage Augmented and...

AR/VR Provides Best Way for Learning System
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Education is no longer merely memorizing and repeating facts. In the modern world, creativity, problem-solving, and lateral thinking are critical skills needed to succeed. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) can strengthen traditional...

Revolutionizing the Era of Digital Learning with Virtual Reality
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Virtual Reality has been creating wonders in the field of education. Filling the knowledge acquisition methods with joy and creativity, VR founds the new era of digital literacy. VR-based student engagement programs feature fun-filled learning...

Integrating Virtual Learning into Classrooms
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Students are using Virtual Reality (VR) to learn new skills. Even though VR is in the infancy stage, its applications are promising.  Studies show that they retain more information and apply what they have learnt from virtual reality...

The E-Learning Process - Merits and Demerits of Using AI in it
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be omni-present in the near future. AI gives computers the power to learn, reason and self-correct and it will reshape the way humans will interact with softwares. E-Learning is on the threshold of getting...

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