Secure Digital Education with Cloud-based Network Filtration
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One cannot deny that advanced technologies have changed every sector starting from healthcare and manufacturing to utilities and financial industries. Particularly, the education landscape has witnessed the latest advances with restructured...

Education Adopting Latest Technologies
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Rama Dhuwaraha, AVC & CIO, University of North Texas System

The benefits of cloud computing for the Education industry can only be realized if we align our education and IT strategy. This alignment will help us improve outcomes in the quality of research and education. If cloud solutions are leveraged...

Taming the Wild IT Ecosystem
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Vince Kellen, PhD, CIO, University of California San Diego

Complexity bedevils us. And in the world of information technology, we have loads of it. Digitization, especially in universities, has grown far faster, perhaps even outstripping a huffing and puffing Moore’s Law, which for years has...

River of Change within Higher Education Technology
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John Godfrey, AVC & CISO, University of Kansas Medical Center

“No one ever steps into the same river twice, for it is not the same river and they are not the same person.” This adapted aphorism by Heraclitus sets the stage for the contemporary challenges that leaders of technology within...

The New Higher-Ed CIO
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Jonathan Brennan, CIO, State University of New York - Delhi

The world of technology is constantly changing. In the past decade, users have embraced mobile devices, social media, and cloud based services. In Datacenters, we have embraced virtualization, automation, and big data. How we interact with and use...

Cal State East Bay: A 21st Century Campus Embracing the Cloud
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Borre Ulrichsen, CIO & Associate VP of IT Services, California State University-East Bay

A Day in the Life of a 21st Century CIO As IT professionals in higher education, we are finding ourselves inundated with requests for new and improved IT services to meet the needs of our campus community. Given the place of universities in our...

Reallocating Scarce Resources to Improve Infrastructure Reliability
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Elena Pokot, Asst. VC of Instructional, Communication and IT & CIO, University of Wisconsin- Whitewater

Innovative ways to foster growth within their organizations CIOs in higher education face several barriers, most notably the decentralized IT structure and vertical integration of services. When I joined the university over 10 years ago, many...

Cloud Computing is Fungible Computing
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Charlie McMahon, VP-IT & CTO, Tulane University

My President came to me recently and asked, “What is cloud computing all about?” I remember the words of a Paul Simon song running through my mind—“Your time has come to shine . . .” The spotlight was on me and I...

IT Organizations are Missing the Woods for the Trees
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Ken Ingle, CIO, Rowan-Cabarrus Community College

For a number of years IT in most organizations was based on a single word, control.  Everything within the IT organization revolved around control. The central IT group was all about control of access, control of equipment, control of...

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