Link-Systems International (LSI) Presidents Perspective: Partnership is Key to Student Success

Vincent Forese, President,  Link-Systems InternationalVincent Forese, President, Link-Systems International
After more than 25 years of experience in the EdTech industry, we have become laser-focused on one thing: founding partnerships to improve education. As educators, parents, and lifelong learners ourselves, we identify with the goals of our partners. Education is a life-changing pursuit for anyone who aspires to reshape their world; in the ambitious spirit of this pursuit, many of us have been confronted with at least one educational platform that is remote and tech-driven. Some of us have taken (or are taking) online classes, others have taught (or are teaching) online, and most of us have (or know) children who are (or will be) online learners. At our company, we offer solutions that we wish we had when we took or taught online courses—solutions that we hope our children have access to when they learn online.

The roots of a strong partnership are nurtured from the start – we work directly with you in order to understand your unique vision, opportunities, and challenges, and explore how our solutions can help. Sure, we could describe what our solutions do – but in working together, we tailor what we can do for you based on your unique models to maximize the impact of our solutions. Do your students need access to academic support after hours, when classes are over and the learning center is closed? NetTutor online tutoring can provide homework help at a moment’s need. Are you looking for ways to meet with your students online but can’t find a platform that does everything you want? Pisces – our student success hub – enables you to schedule meetings, refer students, and collaborate with students using tools specially designed for academic support and student services.
Are you teaching math and looking for auto-graded homework that can work in tandem with the book of your choosing? Sofia is a homework and quizzing system with on-the-spot learning aids, including real-time tutoring. A harmonious partnership is prioritized, and follow-up questions and discussions may be necessary to ensure that we understand how your program/class works, how you want it to work, and how we can help you help your students.

Once we establish a partnership, we work hard to earn and keep your trust. We assign a dedicated Account Manager whom you can depend on to always keep your aspirations in mind. Our Partner Success team provides hospitable and knowledgeable end-user support and integration assistance. For training and awareness, we offer weekly webinars, print-ready collateral, and bite-sized videos, among other invaluable resources. Additionally, our system upgrades are unimposing to the learning process; they are scheduled in advance, outside of peak learning times. As well, data is secure and privacy is protected in our system. Altogether, these features promote students to have safe, accessible, intuitive learning experiences.

To support growth in our partnership, we integrate product development and partner feedback. We send surveys to gather input on features that we can add to our roadmap. We host focus groups to share upcoming releases and identify whether refinements are needed. We examine data to report on what’s working or not, and if something isn’t working, we collaborate to fix it. We also attend conferences to stay current and connected with relevant experiences.

Our partners value how we focus on their needs so we can help them help their students

True partnership in EdTech is fulfilling—what we do together matters! It’s a combination of rich experience, innovative vision and service, and authentic passion for student success that makes LSI uniquely qualified as a partner. How can we help you help your students?
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