How To Prevent Cheating in Online Exams?

Andjela Nikolic, marketing & sales specialist,  YouTestMeAndjela Nikolic, marketing & sales specialist, YouTestMe
It has been more than two years since the Covid-19 pandemic forced society to move to remote operations in all areas of life. Needless to say, working remotely has brought a whole new set of problems for recruiters, managers, and analysts. For example, fraudulent behavior has become an increasing concern when assessing employee productivity levels. Since employee reviews and tests are conducted from the comfort of our homes, cheating has become a modern-day epidemic. Also, exams at different learning centers or in-house can strain your budget and make cheating much easier. This is where testing and assessment software can step in to save time and make online evaluation legitimate.

Question Randomization and Test Generator

Even before online tests, various data showed that people tend to cheat on tests. It is not possible for a teacher or a team leader to supervise all aspects of the testing process. In such a scenario, about 30% of applicants will likely resort to cheating. That's why it's a good idea to find online assessment and testing software that automates monitoring the entire testing process. Use the quiz generator and randomize questions to prevent students from copying entire answer sheets.

Without a doubt, multiple-choice tests are the easiest method to cheat. As such, the only way to ensure test security is to implement software that can randomly assign questions to each candidate. Specifically, a candidate's ability to remember and share correct answers is significantly reduced when the questions are randomly assigned.
The online quiz generator can randomize questions and create multiple-choice tests with the click of a button.

Use Automated Proctoring to Ensure Candidates Are Not Using External Resources

Automated proctoring is observing candidates at all times without anyone being present. Live proctoring solution monitors and records online assessments via camera and microphone on candidates' computers. Additionally, automated proctoring utilizes AI software to help monitor the candidate’s behavior and YouTestMe Article Page 3 of 3 workflow. Test supervisors can save time and energy while increasing productivity. Test administrators or centers can save money they would otherwise have to spend by hiring proctors and supervisors. Test centers can build their authority in their niche and become more trustworthy and legitimate using automated monitoring.

Find a Tool That’s Easy to Implement Across the Board

Sometimes the biggest problem with monitoring test takers is learning how to use online exam software correctly. Learning how to use the software is very important, so candidates wouldn’t find a way to cheat on their exams. Automated applications can be difficult to use, and many providers don't consider user experience during development.

Finding a tool that is easy to implement and understand from the user's point of view is essential. If you are looking for a solution, YouTestMe is the best fit

This is why it is essential to find a tool that is easy to implement and understand from the user's point of view. Furthermore, it should also prioritize the user-friendliness of the online check-in process for administrators.

Although working from home has many advantages, it also has disadvantages, such as cheating candidates. When testing with high stakes, it is imperative to find a solution to monitor candidates and prevent them from cheating. This is the only way to guarantee the quality of the testing process.

If you are looking for a solution that includes all these features and benefits, we recommend you take a look at YouTestMe GetCertified.
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