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Wow, 2020 may very well go down as the year that school districts implemented the largest number of initiatives in history. The pandemic exposed technology shortcomings from start to finish. Now that those shortcomings are exposed they are being addressed. Unfortunately never fast enough it seems. The 2021/2022 school year will also usher in an additional tsunami of initiatives to address learning gaps, social emotional learning, and to create more equitable education systems in general. It truly is an exciting time in the history of education.

The first step to supporting new and existing initiatives (SEL, MTSS, RTI, PBIS and more) is a solid data analytics foundation for progress monitoring. All initiatives will fail without this foundation. Yet most schools try to implement initiatives by skipping this vital step. To make matters worse, schools will waste money and years trying to turn every teacher into a data analyst. This is not necessary and no other industry in the world approaches new initiatives in this manner.
  • The first step to supporting new and existing initiatives (SEL, MTSS, RTI, PBIS and more) is a solid data analytics foundation for progress monitoring.

This is where Intervention Compass enters. We have a team of data scientists that in just a few days will integrate and normalize all your data sets (SIS, i-Ready, Accelerated Reader, AimsWeb, Acadience, Aeries, assessments, surveys, to name a few). Yes, this difficult, laborious task is done in days, not months or years. This is what our specialized team does. This is the first step to building the data analytics foundation that will support all of your initiatives. But we don’t just build it once. We build in automation and processes to keep those various data sets updated and integrated 24/7. Nobody gets any value from old, stale data. We do all of this work for you free of charge. Why would we do something this insane? We are not viewed by our customers as a vendor. We are their data specialists - partner. How can we expect you to envision and understand a world where for the first time you actually have the data you need to excel at your job if you have never experienced it before? It’s impossible. We know you have been promised nirvana before and it turned out to be false everytime. That's why we do it. At no risk and no cost to you we integrate all of your data sets and let you have access to use it. Then when the decision is made to move forward with us we have removed the biggest risks in your buying decisions. Without you realizing it, we have already implemented your data analytics foundation and you are now further down the road of succeeding then you have ever been before. All this happens before we ask you to buy. Guess what, this formula really works for everyone.
The final step to the data analytics foundation is presenting the data specifically how the various end users need the data presented. It begins with
Mr. Daniel, President,  Mr. Elmer LLCMr. Daniel, President,LLC
data walls . We already have an extensive library of data walls. Our customers start with these. They have been proven to be the most valuable to our customers. If you would like to build your own specific data walls just tell us and we will do it for you in minutes. No charge. But we will also provide you with a 2 minute training video that will show you how to build your own data walls as well. In fact, all training is provided in three ways. First we train the administrators and develop one or two superusers. Second, we train the teachers. We continue to do this for however long it takes. Third, all training is available in a series of 2-3 minute training videos accessible from Intervention Compass, 24/7. In reality it never takes long because simple tools with current data are very addictive. You will find that once word gets out your entire educational staff will want in. Now that you have a data analytics foundation and all the data walls you can think of that satisfy the needs of everyone from the Central office to the geographically furthest away teacher/classroom you are now ready to implement any and all initiatives (LEA, reading, math, behavior, emotional learning, RTI, MTSS, PBIS, SEL, and more). At this point you will discover the real power of Intervention Compass. It is utilized by everyone in the District. Administrators, principals, teachers, and learning specialists. All data points from surveys, screenings, assessments, supports and interventions are updated and shared with the team the second any interaction with a student takes place. You will never spend hours aggregating data for a parent meeting, a PLC, or an IEP ever again. All you have to do is log in and the data is live, up-to-date, and presented in the manner you need it. In the classroom during the class hour we guide and prompt teachers so no interaction/student support is missed and/or not recorded. Those days are gone. The process is now so simple. You only enter it once and it updates everything else for you. Please contact us. We are happy to introduce you to our customers so you can hear their real life experiences and how Intervention Compass’ progress monitoring made their initiatives successful, easy and sustainable. Stop simply talking about equitable education. Make it a reality today.
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