Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, February 25,2021

Feature of the Week

An engagement platform will allow these students to continue to participate in class conversations for students who are reluctant to speak up in class, form groups, or be more friendly with their peers  Read more
Previously, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was often considered robots. Machines that exhibited human-like features with an artificial brain. Today, AI comprises anything and everything.  Read more
The e-learning industry is evolving. The report predicts that its growth will reach 325 billion dollars by 2025. Simultaneously, according to a recent study, the AI market will emerge to $190 billion by 2025.  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By Anthony Adade, Ph.D, AVP & CIO, Worcester State University  
As technology use becomes pervasive in our homes and on college campuses, its influence on our lives and on the landscape of higher education has been prominent.  Read more
By Tom Andriola, Chief Information Officer, University of California System  
I’ve noticed IT people don’t particularly like high-level, fluffy discussions.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Nele Mletschkowsky, CEO and Managing DirectorSabine Urbanski, COO, Bernhard König, CTO, Guido Heinz, (CPO), Torsten Hasenclever, (CSO)  
quofox is the ideal all-In-one solution for companies, authorities and educational institutions of all sizes, making sustainable, user friendly and cost-effective education and training. quofox’s enterprise learning solutions empower customers...  Read more
By Michel Visser, CEOMichel Visser, CEO, Mieke Ridderhof, VP of Customer Success and Marketing, Ian Haugh, CRO, Toshiro Polak, VP Product and Dan Peters, VP Partnerships  
EesySoft’s platform offers detailed reports on technology usage at different levels—institutions, departments, courses, and even individuals—and enables institutions to manage and gain critical insights from various tools (including...  Read more
By Nick Shea, Sales Director  
AdEPT is a managed services and telecommunications provider, offering award-winning, proven and uncomplicated technical solutions for over 12,000 organizations across the UK with a mission of ‘Uniting technology, inspiring people’. It is one...  Read more

CXO Insights

By James O’Hagan, Director of Digital & Virtual Learning, Racine Unified School District  
When we launched our varsity esports program at Guilford High School in Rockford, Illinois, in 2015,...  Read more
By Firas Sarhan, Director of Centre of Excellence for Technology Enhanced Care (CETEC), Barnet Southgate College