Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, October 15,2020

Feature of the Week

Technology-powered education offers an enormous amount of value for today's learners with the content and resources most relevant to their requirements.  Read more
Learning management is increasingly helping the education industry define and decide a robust and rigid way of overcoming all the practical challenges that are choking the operational sphere.  Read more
The virtual classroom is the core of online degree programs, a convenient, central place where the university courses unfold. Although there are numerous fundamental similarities between traditional campus-based education and the online university  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By Steve Smith, CIO, Cambridge Public Schools& Founder, Student Data Privacy Consortium  
If your district is one of the many districts that have not yet addressed student data privacy at the classroom level, now is the time you will want to get started. It is better to be proactive than to wait until you have to respond to an unpl  Read more
By John Hui, CIO, The Education University of Hong Kong  
Media-rich learning platforms, personalized or adaptive courseware, and web conferencing tools capable of connecting students for synchronous distance activities are becoming common solutions for blended-learning designs  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Vegard Sivertsen, CEO  
Provides an easy to use and reliable end to end e-assessment platform to simplify the process of digital examinations  Read more
By Arif Joarder, President  
Orbund is a web-based Student Information System (SIS) with integrated CRM and Learning Management for higher education, including training institutes, career schools, and traditional colleges and universities. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in...  Read more
By Martin Dougiamas, Founder and CEO  
Moodle is an open-source flexible and collaborative learning platform that empowers educators and teachers to create a learning environment tailored to the needs of their end-users. Moodle has been able to empower educators across different...  Read more

CXO Insights

By Greg Gazanian, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, Arcadia Unified School District  
If students are brought into the conversation then they become allies in a mutual effort towards cyber...  Read more
By Ivan George, Director, The James And Sylvia Earl Sail Center, Anne Arundel Medical Center  
​Many technologies have historically been adapted or repurposed rather than developed specifically...  Read more