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July 11, 2019
Feature of the Week
Access to digital devices and the internet is not just a simple question any longer, but the consistency, quality, and capabilities of the connections are also important.
The pace at which new technologies in the form of devices and extended reality are being included in the classroom is accelerating, so more schools are overcoming the hurdle by adopting innovations.
In today’s world, we are being exposed to a series of unique technology that has never been seen before. One such technology to have become popular recently is augmented reality (AR).
Featured Vendors
GoGuardian provides software for schools to help manage devices and deliver more effective digital learning environments.
iFOLIO digital portfolio platform innovates by providing students pre-built portfolio modules that target college admission criteria.
Offers a complete, progressive, integrated, and structured curriculum in Applied Computer Science and emerging STEM topics for K-12 and college students through a fun, interactive, and immersive adaptive e-learning platform.
CIO Viewpoint
Tom Andriola, CIO at University of California
I do believe AI will ultimately have a profound and beneficial impact on higher education, as it will on many aspects of our society.
Len Peters, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, New York University
Our role at NYU IT is to explore new ways to leverage learning data to help improve outcomes on an individual level.
CXO Insights
By Suzanne M. Rivera, Ph.D., Vice President for Research and Technology Management, Case Western Reserve University
It takes both people and technology to advance digital technologies effectively and with humans at the center.
By Diana M. Wilson, Executive Director at Jeffco Public Schools
Jeffco IT is committed to finding ways to link all schools into fiber networks and securing partnerships whenever possible to provide top-notch connectivity in a fiscally responsible manner.