Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

May 19, 2022

Feature of the Week

During and beyond the epidemic, EdTech mobile apps continue to gain popularity.  Read more
Experiencing stress and trauma can have a negative impact on pupils' ability to think clearly and effectively, as well as their ability to control their emotions.  Read more
"There are millions of native Spanish-speaking students in the U.S., all of whom should have access to the comparable resources English-speaking  Read more


CIO Viewpoint

By Rob Lowden, Vice President and CIO, Indiana University Bloomington  
In less than 18 months the global COVID-19 pandemic propelled colleges and universities through what might have otherwise taken 5-10 years to evolve online education delivery alongside on-campus education.  Read more
By Paige Francis, Associate CIO, University of Arkansas  
Per the US Census, women outnumber men by a hair in the United States. Within higher education, the divide is much greater given women routinely outnumber men in both college enrollment and graduation rates by double digits. Despite this, only  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Sheila Boyington, CEO Thinking Media  
Exposing students to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), Computer Science (CS), and Career Technology Education (CTE) careers in an engaging way is what Learning Blade does. This Thinking Media system offers a complete...  Read more
By Dr. Roger Billings, Chairman and Founder  
Headed by Dr. Roger Billings, Chairman and Founder of Acellus and inventor of the Acellus Learning System, the company provides students with the skills needed for future careers in coding. Acellus STEM-10—a cohesive 10-year initiative of the...  Read more

CXO Insights

By Melody Buckner, PhD, Associate Vice Provost, Digital Learning and Online Initiatives, University of Arizona  
Change is difficult even in the best of circumstances. However, we are constantly evolving to...  Read more
By James O’Hagan, Director of Digital & Virtual Learning, Racine Unified School District  
When we launched our varsity esports program at Guilford High School in Rockford, Illinois, in 2015,...  Read more