Security in Education,  My, How Things Change!

Security in Education, My, How Things Change!

J. Douglas Streit, Director, IT Security & Planning & CISO, Old Dominion University

Information security in higher education has come a long way in the last seven years.

  • Data, Information and the "Business" of Student Success

    Warren Sandmann, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, William Paterson

    Perhaps starting with a quotation from the President in office immediately before the Great Depression is not an especially auspicious beginning, and could lead to interpretations that higher education in the United States.

  • "How did you use your computer in school today?"

    Doug Johnson, Director of Technology, Burnsville-Eagan-Savage (MN) Public Schools

    This simple question is one that that many parents in our school district will be asking their children after the 2016 fall roll-out of our 9-12 Chromebook 1:1 initiative. And the question has driven our thinking and planning efforts.

  • Beyond the Software and Gadgets- Why Technology is Transforming Education?

    Dr. John A. Lympany, VP & CIO, Fairmont State University, Fairmont WV

    From the beginning of our existence, humans developed their own way of mastering their environment. We learned by interacting with our surroundings and we developed tools, learned to gather and to hunt, formed villages, grew crops, built shelt

  • 3 Texting Tips to Help High School Students Make a Successful Transition to College

    Brian Kathman, CEO, Signal Vine

    High school seniors have a lot on their minds, from college applications to campus visits to wrapping up their social and academic time in high school.

The Emerging Research and Education Cloud; The Case for Industry Specific Cloud Solutions

Khalil Yazdi, CIO in Residence, Cloud Services Program Development, Internet2

The extraordinary effort by the Internet2 community has driven forward the emergence of a ‘research and education’ cloud to complement commercial and ‘government’ clouds.

Technology, Faculty, and Motivation

Technology, Faculty, and Motivation

Martha A Kalnin Diede, Director at Syracuse University

We encourage faculty to leverage computing technology to increase their research productivity...

Education Technology Growth in Europe

Education Technology Growth in Europe

Jim Knight, Chief Education & External Officer, Tes

This should be a great time for EdTech in the UK.

Technology Drives Student Success on Today's College Campuses

Technology Drives Student Success on Today's College Campuses

Michele Norin, CIO, University Of Arizona

“I think what this project really cemented for us and much of the campus is that we can’t really...

The Technology of Adaptive Learning

Charles Dziuban, Director Research Initiative for Teaching Effectiveness, University of Central Florida

Of all the new big things in higher education, one of the most talked about is adaptive learning because it resonates with the principle that students achieve best when they control their own learning space.