Stumbling in the Dark

Stumbling in the Dark

Katrina Biscay, MS-DFS, CISSP, GMON, Director, Office of Information Security, University of Cincinnati

Not everything you find will yield value, but that small needle in the haystack may turn out to be made from gold.

  • Rethinking Knowledge Assessment in Education

    Dr. Manu Kumar, Founder & Chief Firestarter, K9 Ventures

    All of us, including you, the reader, probably went through an education system in which you were graded on the basis of either a numerical score or percentage, or a letter grade.

  • Higher education mergers and the impact on Information Technology environment

    Jeffrey Cepull, VP for Information Resources and CIO, Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University) East Falls campus And Nassar Nizami, SVP & CIO, Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health

    IT support is responsible for a comprehensive portfolio of responsibilities with the added complexity of design, engineering and architectural programs

  • Creating Amazing Learning Solutions that are Changing the Education Market

    Aref Matin, CTO, Ascend Learning

    As decision makers in this industry, we understand the challenges in our own industry and usually have an architectural and tactical roadmap that we follow closely.

  • Diligent Adoption of New Technologies

    Jack Chen, CIO, Adelphi University

    My experience with cloud computing dates from the late 1980s–before the word cloud was even associated with computing. At that time, I was with the City University of New York (CUNY) involved in the consolidation of the individual data centers.

Coding Is the New Writing for Developing Self-Expression, Communication, Imagination and Solving Hard Problems

Dr. Idit Harel Caperton, Israeli-American Entrepreneur; CEO and Founder, GLOBALORIA

Putting coding on a par with the basic 'three Rs' is a trend in education-talk recently. However, we know from years of research that its utility goes well beyond the "schoolish three Rs" or "a great job or even instant riches" some day in the

The CIO of the New Digital Era

The CIO of the New Digital Era

Berhanu Tadesse, AVP for IT/Infrastructure Services, California State University, Fullerton

The role of the CIO has drastically evolved in the past few years.

The Coming Generation-Z Impact on Cybersecurity

The Coming Generation-Z Impact on Cybersecurity

Thomas Skill, Ph.D, Associate Provost & Chief Information Officer, University of Dayton

The "BYOD" world-view of the Gen-Z population will likely be very disruptive to traditional...

Big Data on a Campus - Asking the Right Questions

Big Data on a Campus - Asking the Right Questions

Jan I Fox, SVP for IT, Marshall University

The new ‘Big Data’ world does add new exciting and frightening data sources.

The Need for Partnership Between IT and Information Security

Tom Dugas, AVP/CISO, Duquesne University

If the partnership between IT and Information Security is established with the goal to protect the digital assets of the organization as a team, there is less likely to be concessions of risks that could lead to a costly breach.

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