How to Transition from Business/ Industry IT into Higher Education in an Awesome Way

How to Transition from Business/ Industry IT into Higher Education in an Awesome Way

Leebrian E. Gaskins, CIO, Texas A&M International University

One of the best ways to raise the priority of IT is to change the view of IT from cost center to facilitator and innovator.

  • Promoting Transformative Change in Teaching and Learning

    Elias Eldayrie, VP & CIO, University of Florida

    In today’s higher education environment, information technology (IT) plays a prominent role in teaching and learning success by enabling faculty to plan, create, and deliver academic content.

  • Cloud Computing and K12

    Stevin Smith, Executive Director of IT, Gilbert Public Schools

    Cloud computing has now matured to the point that it is no longer considered especially innovative. Consumer-level computing is now almost exclusively cloud-based and businesses have also embraced the cloud for mission-critical enterprise appl

  • Analytics for Data-Driven Decisions in Higher Ed

    John Gohsman, Vice Chancellor for IT & CIO, Washington University in St.Louis

    Visit any school or department at any higher education institution and you're sure to find mounds of organized and unorganized data on topics ranging from student retention to faculty productivity to staff salaries.

  • Why Collaboration Matters in Higher Education

    Tom Andriola, Chief Information Officer, University of California System

    I’ve noticed IT people don’t particularly like high-level, fluffy discussions.

Fostering Technology Incorporation into Learning and Research

Jack Chen, CIO, Adelphi University

My role as CIO has evolved over the last few years, but it changed dramatically after Dr. Christine Riordan became Adelphi’s new president in 2015.

Challenges Facing CIOs in the K-12 Industry

Challenges Facing CIOs in the K-12 Industry

Bill Caritj, Chief Accountability & Information Officer And Olufemi Aina, Executive Director, I.T. Infrastructure, Atlanta Public Schools

A closer look (with a broader view), however, shows a very different picture. Aside from the...

Cloud-A Closer Reality for Education Industry

Cloud-A Closer Reality for Education Industry

Bill Gruszka, VP/CIO, Clayton State University

Cloud computing is an interesting topic. Discussing its benefits will always put you on the...

"Still Fear Moving to the Cloud?"

Emiliano Diez, VP, Cloud Services, Campus Management Corp

In my conversations with IT executives in higher education and other industries who have not yet...

The Impending Wearable Revolution: Changing Our Lives from Head to Toe

Pankaj Kedia, Senior Director, Qualcomm

Qualcomm Technologies, we are proud to be inventing and innovating this exciting future. The company which has led the mobile revolution and made it the largest platform in the technology industry is at it again sowing the seeds for the impending

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