Cloud Computing and K12

Cloud Computing and K12

Stevin Smith, Executive Director of IT, Gilbert Public Schools

Cloud computing has now matured to the point that it is no longer considered especially innovative. Consumer-level computing is now almost exclusively cloud-based and businesses have also embraced the cloud for mission-critical enterprise appl

  • Inclusion and Change in Information Security

    Angel Howard, Chief information Security Officer of Georgia Southern University

    It is important to remember that as technology changes, so should the level of training for the people being held responsible for keeping IT secure.

  • Collaborating with Partners to Explore Emerging Learning Technologies

    Nicole Weber, Ph.D., Director of Learning Technology, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

    While we collaborate with individual instructors to innovate around their specific needs, we also choose one challenge and a related solution to explore each year.

  • Safeguarding the Cloud

    Mohit Twari, Associate Professor, The University of Texas at Austin

    Protecting cloud-based data from attack will only be made possible if cybersecurity is woven into the very fabric of systems’ frameworks.

  • Answering Student and Faculty Demands through Data Warehouse Automation

    Chris Stewart, Director, Professional Services, WhereScape And Ken Flerlage, Business intelligence functional architect, Bucknell University

    By 2025, the world will be deluged with 163 ZBs of data. How much is that? Well, a single zettabyte is equal to 152 million years of ultrahigh definition 8K video.

Technology: Seven Cautionary Considerations

Daniel A. Dusseau, Chief of Police And Lt. John M. Weinstein, Commander, Strategic Planning and Outreach, Northern Virginia Community College Police Department

Even old luddites, who long for the simplicity of carbon paper and white-out, grudgingly admit that technology

Training and Education Practitioners Need to Lead Digital Disruption!

Training and Education Practitioners Need to Lead Digital Disruption!

Rodney Beach, Group Managing Director, Liberate Learning

As learning and development professionals we can no longer afford to put our heads in the sand and...

Changing the Face of e-Learning Landscape

Changing the Face of e-Learning Landscape

Andrew Moore, CIO, Boulder Valley School District

My experience in the private sector before joining Boulder Valley school district has been...

Improving Student Engagements and Results

Improving Student Engagements and Results

Doug McCollum, Senior Vice President, Products Strategy, Development, Technology/Platforms at K12

AI can also be used to dynamically provide recommendations for teachers on how to group...

Technological Advancement Driving the Education Space

Keith A Cronk, CIO, Harding University

There is no doubt that higher education institutions are seriously using cloud computing. Cloud computing is already used for many applications, with more and more being moved to the cloud each year.