Building a Strong Team of IT Generals for Spearheading Campaigns

Building a Strong Team of IT Generals for Spearheading Campaigns

Kelly Trosvig, VP-IT & CIO, University of Washington

Like many CIOs in private industries, effective IT leaders in higher education are always stretched. But unlike many CIOs in other industries, who fret about not having a seat at the table.

  • Higher Education's Secret Sauce: Cooperation and Collaboration

    Donald Z. Spicer, AVC & CIO, University System of Maryland

    Given the competitive orientation of most corporations, the ability to cooperate and/ or collaborate is limited to close partners and suppliers.

  • Preparing for a Data Science Future

    Michael Hites, CIO, Southern Methodist University

    There are many analogies in sports for predicting the immediate future: anticipate the pass, skate to where the puck is going to be, and beat them to the punch.

  • Higher Education Challenges: Big Data; Cloud Computing; Information Security

    Elias G. Eldayrie, VP & CIO, University of Florida

    The changing environment in education is continuously moving towards greater reliance on technology for engagement and delivery methods requiring speed, agility, variety and reliability.

  • Selecting Best Wireless Systems for Campus Connectivity

    Stosh Morency, Executive Director of IT, Kent School District

    As the Executive Director of IT for the fourth largest school district in Washington State, a district recognized internationality for its successful technology initiatives; I get asked a lot of questions about what vendor’s platform we selected

"How did you use your computer in school today?"

Doug Johnson, Director of Technology, Burnsville-Eagan-Savage (MN) Public Schools

This simple question is one that that many parents in our school district will be asking their children after the 2016 fall roll-out of our 9-12 Chromebook 1:1 initiative. And the question has driven our thinking and planning efforts.

Cloud - The Innovative Disruption

Cloud - The Innovative Disruption

Miroslav Humer, CIO, Cleveland State University And Cindy L. Skaruppa, VP for Enrollment Services, Cleveland State University

Universities continue to struggle with diminishing resources, fewer positions and reduced funding...

 Bridgewater State University - Technovation for an Enriched Learning Experience

Bridgewater State University - Technovation for an Enriched Learning Experience

Raymond Lefebvre, CIO, Bridgewater State University

A state-funded institution best known for its technovation drive, which involves the development of...

Democratizing K12 From IT Perspective

Democratizing K12 From IT Perspective

Randy Phelps, CTO, East Side Union High School District

In K-12, who is the tech guy? The initial answer may be “Stan or Patty, who have that...

CIOs as Change Agents

Eileen Lento, Director of Strategy and Marketing, Intel Education

Is one-to-one mobile computing an essential tool that can help transform K12 education, increase student achievement, and prepare students for 21st century success? Or,as some suggest, a waste of money, time, and energy?

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