Future of IT in Higher Education

Future of IT in Higher Education

Bill Balint, CIO, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

There are incredible Information Technology (IT) challenges in higher education. Budgets and staff sizes are shrinking at many higher ed.

  • IT Transforming the Healthcare Education Landscape

    Praveen Chopra, Executive Vice President, Chief Information and Transformative Innovative Environment Officer, Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health

    Jefferson’s evolution of technology in academia and health care begins with our strategic vision of reimagining health, education and discovery to create unparalleled value.

  • Changing Face of Education

    Theresa Rowe, CIO, Oakland University

    My role has changed significantly over the years. Certainly colleges and universities are under increasing attack, making cyber security an extremely important initiative.

  • How Do You Spell Security Relief? We say FireEye!

    Ray Caplinger, Director, Networking & Telecommunications, Colorado Springs School District 11

    As with most schools and businesses, Colorado Springs School district 11 struggled with malware entering the District through various means–e-mail attachments, personal devices and things that were too new to catch.

  • Enhancing the Quality of Education

    Henry Kelly, Senior Scientist, Industry Partnership Leader, Midas

    The modern economy is rapidly reshaping the intellectual and social skills demanded by employers. Information technology offers a rich set of tools for measuring and building these skills.

Higher Education's Secret Sauce: Cooperation and Collaboration

Donald Z. Spicer, AVC & CIO, University System of Maryland

Given the competitive orientation of most corporations, the ability to cooperate and/ or collaborate is limited to close partners and suppliers.

The Evolution of the

The Evolution of the "I" in CIO

Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, CIO, University of Illinois at Chicago

It seems it was not that long ago that I started as a student at the University of Illinois at...

Applying LMS in Universities: Advantages and Importance

Applying LMS in Universities: Advantages and Importance

Jamie Northrup, Senior Associate Vice President Strategy, Tulane University

The primary means of student and faculty interaction around content, must become the circulatory...

Strike the Right Balance between Scale and Local Innovation

Strike the Right Balance between Scale and Local Innovation

Nelson C. Vincent, EdD, VP IT & CIO, University of Cincinnati

Cloud computing allows students, faculty and staff to easily store, share, manage and access...

How Technology Can Transform the Student Experience

Tom Andriola, CIO, University of California

Every student should be provided with the best possible opportunity to learn and succeed at their goals.

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