Education is About Teaching, Learning, Research and Service

Education is About Teaching, Learning, Research and Service

Bruce Maas, Vice Provost for Information Technology & CIO, UW Madison

Higher education is about teaching, learning, research, and service. Be laser focused on technology to advance the competitiveness of your institution.

  • Digital Disruption bringing Change in Education

    David Steinour, Chief Information Officer, The George Washington University

    At the George Washington University, the Division of Information Technology (IT) has moved several applications to the cloud and is working on business plans to do more.

  • Utilizing the Course LMS as a One-Stop-Shop for Students

    Austen Canonica, Adjunct Professor of Marketing, Assistant Director Marketing & Communications, Florida Atlantic University

    The ambiguity and conflict felt by new students when trying to orient themselves to the platform(s) where students and faculty converge can be overwhelming.

  • Onboard Training to Increase Customer Satisfaction

    By Joel Reeves, Assistant Vice Chancellor & CIO, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

    Do you want to be a successful provider of technology services? Increase your customer satisfaction? Then you need to remember it is as much about the people as it is the hardware and software.

  • The Role of Technology in Driving Education to a New Level

    Khalil Yazdi, Consulting CIO and Principal, Yazdi and Associates, LLC.

    The major technological developments impacting the HiED industry include migration to cloud, big data, mobility, IOT, machine learning, analytics and of course, security.

Defending Your Institution Against Ransomware Attacks

Mark D. Webster, Ph.D., CISO, East Carolina University

It might be a good idea to pick up the phone before the day is over and have a conversation with your auditors, inviting them to become your ally in cyber defense.

High Performance Computing-Our Path to Success

High Performance Computing-Our Path to Success

Joe Gargiulo, CIO, Southern Methodist University

It’s interesting to be involved with HPC and to watch how it is transforming so many industries...

How does a Chief Information Security Officer Sleep?

How does a Chief Information Security Officer Sleep?

Luis Brown, CISSP, C| MBA, Chief Information Security Officer, Central New Mexico Community College

While my job consists of the normal duties involving policy development, staffing, training...

Technology-The Cradle of Modern Education

Technology-The Cradle of Modern Education

Clifford Russell, CIO, Morehouse College

One of the biggest challenges in moving Higher Education into the future, as far as technology is...

Opening New Worlds: The Persistent Role of Virtual Reality in Education

Steven McGahan, Associate Director for Instructional Design, University of Nebraska at Kearney

The educational graveyard is full of technologies that were touted as the next game-changing innovation.

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