Unleashing the Power of Analytics in Academics

Unleashing the Power of Analytics in Academics

Leebrian E Gaskins, Associate VP of IT/CIO, Texas A&M International University

Typically, higher education institutions do not have a shortage of academic professionals and researchers who understand how to collect, organize, and analyze data into meaningful and actionable results.

  • Digitization to Modernize Higher Education

    Tom Ryan, Director of IT, Rutgers University–Camden

    ​In recent years, digital technologies that allow instructors to livestream and/or record their lectures and make them accessible to students on demand have become vital to the effective delivery of lessons.

  • Academic Technology: A Leap towards the Future of Education

    Elisha Allen, Director, Academic Technologies and Innovation, The University of New Mexico

    How do you define Academic Technologies?”asked the recently elected chair of The University of New Mexico’s newly-formed Academic Technology Advisory Board.

  • Big Data Collection Opportunities and Problems in Higher Education

    Linda Hartford, CIO, Ellucian

    The term “Big Data” has become ubiquitous in higher education, especially around discussions of using data to help with student success.

  • Enhancing the Quality of Education

    Henry Kelly, Senior Scientist, Industry Partnership Leader, Midas

    The modern economy is rapidly reshaping the intellectual and social skills demanded by employers. Information technology offers a rich set of tools for measuring and building these skills.

7 Keys to Success as a Higher Education

James Tagliareni, CIO, Washburn University

When I recently became CIO of Washburn University in Kansas, my new colleagues asked me what I planned to accomplish in my first 60 days.

The Technology of Adaptive Learning

The Technology of Adaptive Learning

Charles Dziuban, Director, Research Initiative for Teaching Effectiveness, University of Central Florida

Of all the new big things in higher education, one of the most talked about is adaptive learning...

Cybersecurity in Higher Education: Keeping Criminals Out of Your Data

Cybersecurity in Higher Education: Keeping Criminals Out of Your Data

Michael Hites, Senior Associate VP & CIO, University of Illinois System

I attended the Association of Governing Boards of Colleges and Universities annual conference...

"Still Fear Moving to the Cloud?"

Emiliano Diez, VP, Cloud Services, Campus Management Corp

In my conversations with IT executives in higher education and other industries who have not yet...

The Need for a Digital Strategy

Dave Swartz, VP and CIO, American University

We have entered a new age for the educational CIOs and the institutions they support, not unlike the decentralized disruption.

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