Artificial Intelligence - Where Reality Cuts Through Fantasy

Movies are oftentimes the podium where portrayals of the non-existence tend to affect the human minds making us believe in the unreal.

Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Business Education

Over the last few years, several top business management schools, including INSEAD, MIT Sloan, and Harvard Business School, have launched electives in their MBAs that explore the impact of...

Artificial Intelligence Shaping the Future of Education

Technology and education are growing in ways that are always entwined. In a synergistic manner, since artificial intelligence’s (AI) uptick in the 1980s, AI is at the center stage in the...

Making Mobile Apps Ever Smarter with AI

Since 1950, the concept of AI, user worldwide believed that slowly machines would start performing tasks intended for machines.

AI Will Transform the Learning Experience

Humans and machines coexisting is no more the future; it is the present. And this “present” is revolutionizing the world of education at a rapid pace.

Five EdTech startups looking to revolutionise how we learn

Edtech startups are the order of the day and they are booming in the education market.

Revolutionizing e-Learning with Mobile Learning

As the mobile platform supports interactivity, developers utilize these elements in bringing a boring text to life.

How Big Data Analytics is Shaping Leadership Development Trainings

Annually, businesses spend nearly $20 billion to $50 billion conducting leadership programmers.

Technology Equalizing Learning Differences

Every student treads a different pathway to learn or understand a subject.

Blockchain Benefitting Students and Teachers Alike

Emerging as one of the most disruptive technologies, the blockchain has already minimized security issues in various types of industries.

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