Why AI needs Thoughtful Policymaking?

The judicious use of AI to benefit one and all without disparity and malicious intent

Artificial Intelligence: Re-defining the Education System

With the help of AI-based tools, personalized education is being promoted withdrawing the idea of extensive classroom education

Digitizing Education with Social Media

Social media has successfully established itself as a credible source of information and has enabled students to interact with learning groups and other educational systems

The Impact of Social Media on Education

The age of social media has shifted the center of learning from the teacher to the student

Improving learning using AI in Education

Using AI in education, educationists can focus on the educational requirements of individual students, helping them understand and learn the concepts effectively.

Upskilling Students with AI Education

The rapid pace of developments in AI has already begun to disrupt different industries.

Maximizing Academic Performance with Social Media

Social media is a crucial tool when it comes to information on learning materials.

Enhancing E-Learning with Gaming

The usage of games in the classroom spikes the level of interest in students. Participants in instructional games have witnessed an increase in their performance by 30 percent.

Authenticating Social Media Interaction

With advanced technological infrastructure, blockchain technology helps in authenticating news and information and building robust user control practices.

What to Remember While Using AI in The Classroom

By adapting their pacing to suit the student’s ability, the tools provide corrective feedback that aids the improvement process and also help the teacher by providing data about the progress....

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