Absorb LMS: The LMS for Your Staff and Faculty

Absorb was founded in 2003 by Mike Owens and Mike Eggermont, who continue to manage the day-to-day operations and remain the sole shareholders in the company today. Prior to Absorb, Mike and Mike (working as instructional designers), were frustrated with the quality of LMS solutions available to them and their clients. Like so many successful entrepreneurs before them, they sought to solve a problem they had experienced firsthand. To this day, Absorb LMS has been driven by their goal of building a better and easier to use LMS.

Born from the idea of making better and more intuitive software, Absorb LMS stayed true to its origins and has led the way in many industry wide innovations. Understanding the rigorous styling demands of world leading brands, they consider design and aesthetics to be key features as they continue to raise the bar for what an LMS can and should be.

Their continued commitment to progress is evident by a more than $3 million research and development investment in redesigning their software’s administrator console and all of its underlying code¬base. With the acceleration of technology and skyrocketing mobile adoption, the team at Absorb knew working from an old framework wouldn’t keep up moving forward. The new framework brought with it a host of new features, accelerated administrative workflows, and an improved reporting system. With all design and development work completed in-house, Absorb was able to move to a rapid update release cycle, much like the applications you use every day on your smartphone. This allows Absorb to continually release updates and improve functionality for their clients.

Absorb has no plans of slowing down. The company’s underlying philosophy of making intuitive software is built right into their product roadmap. Each step focussed on delivering industry leading functionality and supporting newtechnology standards as they emerge. To showcase one of Absorb’s many

features, Availability Rules have given LMS administrators outstanding control of their system with very little effort on their part. The premise behind Availability Rules is to provide administrators the ability to quickly filter access to courses, marketing billboards, news content, contests, polls, and other resources – giving learners an incredibly personalized LMS experience.

In addition to Availability Rules, Absorb LMS has improved administrative workflows through their Actionable Reporting Interface. This new interface design makes it uncommonly easy for administrators to not only see theirdata, but actually act on that data. Absorb’s VP of Learning Solutions, Dan Medakovic, sets a plausible scenario for using the new Actionable Reporting Interface; “An admin could easily create a filtered report showing all learners from a certain department that have been enrolled in a course for more than, say, seven days, who still have not started the course.” Medakovic goes on to explain that those users can be bulk selected and the administrator can take immediate action in a manner that is unique to the type of report created. Actionable reporting is just another example of how Absorb LMS adheres to their goal of building a better and easier to use LMS.

Absorb LMS is driven by their goal of building a better and easier to use LMS

Boasting clients like NYU, Vanderbilt University, University of Indiana, and most recently Johns Hopkins University, Absorb LMS has founda strong connection with educational institutions as the linchpin for many university staff and faculty training and development programs.