Aegis Identity Software: Securing Identity Management in Higher Education

Bob Lamvik, CEO, Aegis Identity SoftwareBob Lamvik, CEO
In an age that is mostly defined by technology, educational organizations face unique challenges in realizing the value of tools and resources to advance outcomes and learning experiences. The advancements are however crippled if there’s a breach in the student data handling for non-educational uses. According to Symantec’s 2015 Internet Security Threat Report, education ranked third among the most-breached sectors, accounting for 10 percent of reported incidents. These types of incidences forecast the need for safeguarding students’ privacy as it may lead to identity theft or other malicious and damaging criminal acts. Addressing these challenges is the CO based firm, Aegis Identity Software, a provider of education-focused Identity and Access Management solutions for higher-education institutions, “Our Identity and Access Management solutions for higher education, will establish an identity management foundation supporting the evolving requirements of a robust security system into the future,” says Bob Lamvik, CEO, Aegis Identity Software.

Aegis Identity Software which is now merged with ‘Code Rebel’, an enterprise software development firm, offers products like TridentHE, TridentK12, EDUZONE, and SHIBBOLETH. Through these products, students, educators, families, partners, and other digital citizen’s can have simple and secure access to educational system resources both in a district as well as across other trusted educational institutions. “This merger gives our teams a great sense of accomplishment and excitement and we continue to work alongside Code Rebel to develop our post-merger operating plan that includes cross-marketing of our products and services,” says Lamvik. Aegis Identity Software creates an affordable Identity Management Solution for the education sector that serves both higher education as well as K‐12 clients by overcoming issues that shadow a student’s privacy management data.

The company’s identity and access management solutions find wide adoptions across many different use cases. For instance, the Colorado Community College System (CCCS) was faced with an identity management crisis in its 13 schools serving 144,000 students across the state which happened to be the largest higher education system.

We continue to work alongside Code Rebel to develop our post-merger operating plan that includes cross-marketing of our products and services

By adopting TridentHE and Aegis Identity’s unique expertise, CCCS was able to enhance the student and faculty digital campus experience and offload calls to the IT helpdesk, all of which is a positive return on investment to the administration. “We feel proud to have provided Identity Management Solution to the Colorado Community College System’s Identity Management Business. TridentHE will provide this network a robust solution developed specifically for higher education,” extols Lamvik..

Now, with an industry presence of more than five years, the company has accomplished footprint and claimed “critical mass” in the higher education space. Aegis Identity Software has enhanced its solutions to adapt to the nuance between TridentHE and K-12 and finally the query has been answered by using a technology called federation that helps manage the student lifecycle as they move from primary to higher education and into the workforce. With its efficient identity management and secure sharing of information only to the right parties, Aegis Identity Software ensures optimal progression for students that creates a more equitable infrastructure to support leveling of the playing field for all and providing a more equal opportunity in education.

Aegis Identity Software remains passionate about the positive outcomes in educational technology and management brought forth to students, faculty, and administration, and will continue to bring contemporary solutions to the market for years to come.