Ai Media Group: Driving Student Enrollment and Retention

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Christopher Berg, Director of Digital Marketing Strategy, Ai Media GroupChristopher Berg, Director of Digital Marketing Strategy
In a highly competitive educational sector, many educational institutions struggle to gain accurate visibility into students’ journey from selecting courses to filing applications, getting enrollments, and finally completing their graduations. Educational marketers today are not just focused on pinpointing clicks made by students while they browse websites, but rather, are keen on the processes of lead generation and enrollments within their campuses, shedding light on the developments of current and potential students. Added to this, schools and colleges are increasingly concerned about the loss of revenue due to the diminishing enrollments and student retention rates along with declining graduation rates and up surging costs of higher education. Ai Media Group is on an ambitious bid to address these challenges with its intelligent digital marketing campaign optimization solutions to increase enrollments and boost success rates of student graduation. “Ai Media Group is more than a digital marketing agency that provides comprehensive solutions for driving enrollments and minimizes drop outs for educational institutions,” begins Joel Citron, the company’s Vice President of Advertising Technologies.

Ai Media Group defines the entire path of aspirants as they search for a college or course on the web to their final decision to enroll, all the while respecting their personal identifiable information (PII). This clearly ensures that students are rightly navigated in their journey, from selection to enrollment and graduation. The company tracks every touch point such as clicks, inquiry phone calls, site visits, social media, searches, and more to deliver meaningful insights into the students’ preferred courses or colleges. “Ai Media Group allows educational institutions to identify both the strategies that steer an enrollment and the ones that don’t,” says Christopher Berg, the company’s Director of Digital Marketing Strategy. “Our adaptive solutions can be molded in any way to bridge the gaps in the clients’ existing systems and platforms, whether they're off the shelf or developed in house,” Berg continues.

Well-crafted to the evolving educational landscape, the company’s proprietary tracking platform, AiConnect can analyze data such as call count and time, caller ID, routing information, and call quality to identify ad campaigns that result in lead generation. This directs real-time information pertaining to phone call inquiries triggered by ad campaigns into the client’s existing CRM and generates an accurate ROI on their marketing efforts. The clients can access live results of these data sets through the company’s patented reporting platform, AiTRK— an all channel attribution system that aggregates leads from website traffic, ads, clicks, and keywords.

Joel Citron, Vice President Advertising Technologies
The AiTRK platform goes an extra mile by not just providing a holistic perspective of the number of clicks and top performing ads, but also to view the entire post click user path. Added to this, Ai Media Group’s all-click attribution software, AiTrends, expertly blends predictive analytics and human intelligence on user’s navigation paths, geo locations, IP addresses, and ad campaign performance to design campaigns and boost leads. Educational institutions can leverage this platform to shape their marketing strategies and decisions quickly in this fast-paced, competitive world.

Ai Media Group hones a customer-centric approach to generate models and outcomes that resonate with the end goal of its clients. “We act as a true partner to our educational clients, empowering them with appropriate systems in place to view the full user path and identify possibilities for successful student graduation,” adds Citron. Instant visibility into all the touch points gained by leveraging AI, machine learning, and computing enables clients to automate the prediction of favorable outcomes and streamline their decision-making. Alongside, Ai Media Group also fosters a full team of dedicated analysts and campaign managers who assists clients in every process ranging from gleaning actionable insights from campaigns and designing strategies subsequently.

We act as a true partner to our educational clients, empowering them with appropriate systems in place to view the full user path and identify possibilities for successful student graduation - Joel Citron, Vice President, Advertising Technologies

Ai Media Group is uniquely positioned in the market with its proven expertise in simplifying complexities in the educational landscape, by delivering intelligence, dashboarding, and reporting, all in one comprehensive platform. By continually innovating its technology, the company aims to empower educational institutions with a holistic solution that can scale up to meet their every goal. Currently, Ai Media Group is all set to launch a customized business intelligence (BI) dashboard for clients by leveraging the vast information captured from its years of experience in the industry. Another dart in the company’s crossbow is an end-to-end analytics platform that seeds real-time visibility into all facets of digital marketing in the education technology space.