Amplify: Mobile Pedagogy for Today’s Digital Natives

Larry Berger, CEO, AmplifyLarry Berger, CEO
Handheld device based solutions are slowly proliferating the realm of education. Costly immobile devices had restricted implementation of technology based learning solutions, but now availability of feature rich economical handheld devices is changing the paradigm of learning methodology. This generation of digital natives endears mobile technology and has compelled educators and vendors to come up with innovative methods of teaching. Of late, solution providers in education space have focused their efforts on devising products which will add accessibility, mobility, and user friendliness in educational processes. Mobile learning, fit to address current needs, manifests plethora of learning opportunities as it is affordable and since virtually any user can have access from any kind of handheld device for the study material.

Focused on providing mobile education solutions, Amplify, headquartered in Brooklyn, NY places new generation learners at the core of product development. The company serves educators with curriculum and assessment related products, and games. One of the learning related core products, Amplify ELA for grades six to eight, is designed in a way to ensure the needs of digital native generation are addressed. "There is a new digital world where kids have to become digital citizens," says Larry Berger, CEO, Amplify. The technical requirements are defined precisely to assure usage of rich media forms efficiently and inculcate in learners better research, reading and writing practices. Students have the liberty to use handheld devices of their choice that meets technical requirements of the platform in accessing the study material and other utilities. The organization tools, integral to the solution, enable personal interaction between student and teacher and every student’s learning progress can be monitored.

With laser focus on the technophile generation’s perspective, Amplify has so far been successful in addressing the needs of these digital natives.

This has been an unusual collaboration of not just educators and editors who make curriculum materials but also real leading experts in every walk of life

"This has been an unusual collaboration of not just educators and editors who make curriculum materials but also real leading experts in every walk of life," says Berger. There are educational institutes, which reverberate the worthiness of Amplify’s curriculum solutions. One of the institutes, Luella Middle School was using the conventional methods and tools of pedagogy. The school faced problems in the areas of customized learning and instant error correction. As part of implementing Amplify ELA, a tablet has been given to every student and inbuilt content has freed students from searching for study material.

Wi-Fi connectivity, one of the device requirements for the usage of Amplify ELA, creates classroom like environment and helps in sharing knowledge in real time. Not only students, but also the teacher’s role has been considered in designing the solution. The class organization tools have made customized learning, instant error correction, and progress tracking simpler for the teachers. Based on inputs from progress tracking, teachers can now easily assess the students and understand the students who need more attention.

Amplify’s mobile learning solutions have been found utilitarian by educational institutions across the U.S. and the company has witnessed increase in market share. The partnership with content providers like Mondo Publishing, Learning A-Z and technological enterprises such as MetaMatrics makes Amplify more efficient in providing new age solutions and services. The company’s leadership comprises of mavens from fields like education, technology, design, business and the team has been successful in making mobile learning a buzz word. Under the proven stewardship, company looks ahead to make education more mobile oriented and all inclusive.