CCS Presentation Systems: Redefining Education with Superior AV Solutions

Children learn the best by observation and repetition, and according to researchers, learning is most effective through experiences that stimulate their senses. Today, educational institutions across the globe realize this; and creating an ultimate learning environment that drives optimal result is almost impossible without audio-visual aids—a reason why schools are slowly shifting traditional learning methods towards increasingly utilizing Audio Visual (AV) technology. Commanding that shift since 1991, CCS Presentation Systems has made AV collaboration and communication memorable for customers in the education, corporate, and government landscape. From simple accessories to multi-million dollar integration projects, “CCS presents the stepping stone from traditional presentation tools for the classroom to new technologies that stretch the boundaries of AV,” asserts John Godbout, Founder and CEO, CCS Presentation Systems.

The company’s stellar 25-year track record of AV integration in the education market has naturally progressed today to include more advanced collaboration tools in the classroom and a broader market reach. “As technology is constantly changing, we pride ourselves on knowing what new products are available and how they could work to an educators’ advantage,” says Godbout. What was initially a two-person operation is now a conglomerate of partners, maintaining offices that cover over 26 U.S. states and accounts for more than $115 million in annual revenue. CCS belongs to a short list of companies that actually provide the full package, which includes full-service integration, installation, training, and maintenance of AV equipment. Furthermore, their excellent relationship with top-tier vendors enable them to provide the best-level pricing, priority product allocation, priority technical support, and customized offerings.

The Best of the Best

A closer look at CCS’ product portfolio reveals thousands of AV products by virtually every major manufacturer in the world, making them a go-to supplier of AV technology and multimedia presentation systems. Designed with the end user in mind, the value-engineered solutions in CCS’ portfolio range from interactive flat panels and 3D printers to augmented reality, audio, and room control systems. Adding a unique flavor to the impressive checklist is the fact that CCS’ facility is a factory-authorized warranty repair center for most of the brands they work with, making it easier for customers to have a true end-to-end service.

CCS’ leadership truly takes their time to continually enhance their expertise to be well versed in the latest technology advancements. In that regard, the company employs previous school administrators, hospital facility managers, and other industry-specific experts with invaluable experience and a wide variety of certifications. This gives CCS the distinct ability to make recommendations on the AV products and solutions that would be the best fit for the customer’s facility and budget.

CCS presents the stepping stone from traditional presentation tools for the classroom to new technologies that stretch the boundaries of AV

“We protect our customers’ interests by knowing that what we are suggesting is truly the best fit for them,” elucidates Godbout. “We compare products and prices to match up with their needs.” This takes care of the custom nature of each project and an assurance that the engineering, design, programming, and installation of AV systems is done right every time.

Tech Now-Pay Later

Throughout the course of the last decade, CCS has installed tens of thousands of interactive whiteboards and projectors in classrooms across the country. Godbout notes that there is now a marked shift from these whiteboards to interactive flat panels in the education landscape. For CIOs, this means a significant investment in new equipment. This produces the need for a solution that fits both their vision for the future and budget. Knowing how pertinent interactive technology tools are for increasing student achievement and retention in this day and age, CCS brings a unique solution to the table with its innovative Tech Now-Pay Later financing option. It allows customers to split their overall payments for AV equipment such as SMART Interactive Flat Panels, projectors, 3D printers, and virtual reality systems up over a three-year period.

The multi-year financing program gives schools the ability to focus on increasing student engagement and achievement rather than finding ways to pay for it. What is more, by privately financing the technology implementation, CCS allows them to have a significantly lower up-front cost. They can receive the technology they need today and finance it over time while also getting the service and professional development that CCS has to offer.

Reshaping Learning Methods

Being disruptive, CCS has certainly raked up public acclaim and major accolades over the years. What sets them apart from the competition is their dedication to the customers long after the installation, to ensure they are comfortable with the technology and students and teachers are reaping the benefits. “CCS is a solution provider, not an equipment house,” says Godbout. “Instead of just selling equipment, we are building relationships and helping customers reshape their learning methods.”

Initial customer meetings include not only CCS account managers, but engineers and trainers, as well. This gives the CSS leadership the perfect window of opportunity to showcase the capabilities of their technology. Moreover, while trainers discuss the benefits of the tools for teachers and students in reaching their goals, engineers review the feasibility of the project as a whole. To ensure that the end-user can properly operate their new audio visual systems, full-time certified trainers provide ongoing training on all AV solutions based on a curriculum tailored to the needs of the customer.

"Instead of just selling equipment, we are building relationships and helping customers reshape their learning methods"

CCS treats training as a crucial component of their new system, which is further backed by the numerous awards won by the training staff for their expertise in technology integration and ease of use. Moreover, the company hosts bi-weekly lunch-and-learns where manufacturers come to the office and present new products and new technologies to the team. This ensures that the technology investment will be maximized both by the schools and their students. “The cornerstone of CCS is continuing education, with customer satisfaction always being our end goal,” summarizes Godbout.

The Continuation of a Vision

Heading into the future, the CCS team plans to maintain that same mind-state and keep pushing the envelope of AV collaboration in the education landscape altogether. “Our professional development team members are former educators who know the challenges that teachers encounter every day and help them master technology tools and incorporate them into their teaching methods,” states Godbout. CCS’ origin selling educational software tools has turned into advocacy for the integration of AV technology in the overall learning process.

The next generation of CCS’ solutions is marked by a continuation and development of that vision through the introduction of new tools that will build upon their stellar portfolio. The company’s latest initiative for schools is the retrofitting of LED lights in the place of fluorescents. The new lights would require virtually no maintenance and can last over 15 years. A typical elementary school can save nearly $25,000 on their electric bills on an annual basis through effective lighting management. Moreover, because LED produces no heat, institutions can also see a drastic reduction in air conditioning costs. CCS’ Tech Now-Pay Later financing program will certainly do justice to the new initiative, allowing schools to eliminate their budget constraints to an even further extent. “What we intend to do is allow customers to start reaping the savings today while their projects pay for themselves inside of a few years,” concludes Godbout.