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Vegard Sivertsen, CEO, Cirrus AssessmentVegard Sivertsen, CEO
Serving the educational market for almost two decades, Vegard Sivertsen, CEO of Cirrus Assessment observed a constantset of challenges that teachers always faced using an e-assessment platform. The existing platforms were complex to use and lacked intuitiveness and often using old legacy technologies. “I realized how important it is to have easy to use tools at the disposal of teachers as they do not have the time to read thick manuals to figure out how things work.” With a strong determination to completely metamorphose the scenario, Sivertsen founded Cirrus Assessment to provide an easy to use e-assessment platform supporting the whole process of a digital examination from creating the exam, on-screen delivery, to marking it. The feature-rich platform strikes a delicate balance between ease of use and quality by providing intuitive interfaces and easy navigation for teachers allowing them to focus on creating better assessments.

Cirrus’ end-to-end assessment platform offers numerous modules to help teachers with creating and assessing examinations. With its item bank, teachers can create their items or questions and can also collaborate with colleagues on their item banks. The item bank is where they can create the content. Next is the assessment engine where the assessments are created once the complete library of items is ready. This advanced assessment engine allows teachers to create different types of assessments such as multiple variations of the test,where each students gets a different set of questions. These so-called test-forms are psychometrically balanced to ensure fairness. Once the assessments are ready, teachers can use Cirrus’ scheduling module to choose when to conduct the test.

Our focus is providing the most intuitive, yet powerful end to end e-assessment platform on the market

At the time of the examination, candidates or students use the delivery engine to log in and take the exam. After the completion of the test, results are automatically rolled out in case of an MCQ paper. On the other hand, if the answers are in essay format, teachers can access Cirrus’ flexible marking module to use sophisticated workflows and multiple markers and moderations to check accordingly. Finally, teachers can re-import candidate results, progress and psychometric analysis of the assessments to maintain a record.

The stellar abilities of the Cirrus platform have successfully captured the attention of numerous top institutions. One such example is that of Technical University of Eindhoven. For this university the support for advanced question types for mathematics and physics was crucial. Cirrus offers as the only e-assessment platform on the market support for advanced technical assessments, including auto-scoring of mathematical equations, parametrization and more. Moreover, Cirrus is working with the university to develop a programming question type that will allow computer science courses to run digital exams through Cirrus.

In keeping with its spirit of innovation, the company constantly endeavors to understand the market demands through customer feedbacks, market research and competitor analysis to enhance its platform. The company is currently working on compelling functionalities like criteria-based assessments (Rubrics) that help mark the candidates by assessing the criteria achievement rather than giving scores. Besides, Cirrus is planning to introduce numerous question types such as programming and drawing questions. While enhancing the functionalities is on the company’s top agenda, application onboarding will remain an important aspect where the application will guide users to work with various functionalities through tips and hints. “Our focus is providing the most intuitive, yet powerful end to end e-assessment platform on the market” concludes Sivertsen.

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Cirrus Assessment

Cumming, GA

Vegard Sivertsen, CEO

Cirrus Assessment is dedicated to creating the easiest to use, engaging, and affordable e-Assessment solutions. At Cirrus Assessment, they are passionate about education and its ability to empower people across the globe. They believe that technology is a powerful tool for the effective delivery and assessment of the knowledge, and they are committed to making their technology accessible to everyone. Additionally, Cirrus Assessment has a committed team of developers, a multi-lingual support group, visual and interaction designers in the field of e-Assessment that have extensive experience in the technology sector