About Education Technology Insights

Technology is transforming education in a manner that dynamically involves students by replacing a teacher-centered model with a student-centered one. Education system has been transformed with the advent and influence of digitalization. This is urging the educational institutes to adopt and provide technologically enhanced learning modules while maintaining network access and increased security with continuously improving modules. Education Technology Insights through its unique approach of learning-from-peers is binding together and presenting a complete picture of how technology can become beneficial for the institutes and how the educationists can through the help of the modern tools take learning to new heights.

Education Technology Insights has culminated into a path-breaking and comprehensive platform for enterprises to showcase their innovative solutions that the startups or established firms are working on, what industry needs have not yet been met and how to achieve them.

Education Technology Insights is bringing forth a complete picture of how teachers today are using different classroom technologies like smart boards, tablet computers, smartphones, projectors, digital videos, and games enabling students to understand concepts better. Education Technology Insights is presenting to the professionals in the education industry a robust and innovative outlook of how technology adoption can make a difference.

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