Dash Education Solutions: Enhancing School Operations and Safety

Jorge Agnese, President, Dash Education SolutionsJorge Agnese, President
Recently, there has been a great shift in parent expectations regarding the role of the school in minimizing the vulnerability of students throughout the school day. Demand has been put on teachers to act as chaperones, taking away time to teach. And this does not end at bell time.

Understanding this, Dash Education Solutions set out to help schools. Built on a mission to improve education, Dash Education Solutions enhances school operations and safety for students, staff, and faculty, while giving back time to teachers to teach.

Solutions to these problems have been created, but “moving from a manual process to a digital one is an improvement while doing it in a way that empowers the users to enhance the experience beyond the expected outcome is innovation,” says Jorge Agnese, the president of Dash Education Solutions. “In our case, this means applying our company’s core values of transparency, safety, community, and innovation to everything we do.”

Dash Education Solutions’ secured and automated mobile platform, DashPass, greatly enhances the dismissal experience that every school must implement, keeping students safer in the classroom, reducing the chaos at dismissal time and removing non-educational tasks from the staff and teachers. The platform ensures that the parents and staff are informed participants in the process, improving the quality of life during that end-of-day activity. After using DashPass for some time, administrators have behavioral data at their disposal to enhance the end of day’s activities, possibly making changes to traffic or foot traffic, and providing specific guidance to all involved.

Through DashPass, parents are empowered to safely authorize others to pick up students, roster their students in the buses provided by the school, communicate pickup changes, and perform other tasks without having to fill out legacy release and authorization forms in the office.

Further, DashPass reduces the number of calls by parents with an efficient and trackable process, allowing teachers to release students from the classroom and not curbside, giving parents greater awareness of their child’s dismissal experience.
  • Moving from a manual process to a digital one is an improvement but doing it in a way that empowers the users to enhance the experience beyond the expected outcome is innovation

From the beginning, Dash Education Solutions has worked together with school networks, both established and yet-to-operate, setting up the process, studying traffic patterns, taking into account city mandates, process efficiency, and car-volume management. Later, with the pandemic, the company focused on social distancing algorithms, contact-free interactions, and transparency in communications. Safety of the students is of utmost importance, so Dash Education Solutions has provided schools with an easy way to keep their students safer where they stay most of the day, limiting crowds at the curbside, facilitating monitoring, and creating a much better experience for all.

Dash Education Solutions was formed by experienced school operators and software industry leaders with years of experience in UX/CX in the education, finance, and hospitality space. The company’s Product Team uses Design Thinking during the ideation process, bringing out-of-the-box ideas to create the best offering possible. Its Development Team uses Agile methodologies and is quick to adapt to the constant challenges put forth by both internal and external actors. With a customer service team that will walk the school through the initial onboarding process and be there for any need throughout the year, individual schools, school districts, and charter and private school network operators can rest assured that DashPass will be an immediate success.

“The days of doing nothing during the dismissal process are over. Opening the doors so that students can run home is the privilege of few schools. Today, safety measures are not just required, but demanded by all. We encourage every school administrator and PTA/ PTO leader to read about systems like DashPass to make sure they are doing everything possible to satisfy these demands,” mentions Agnese.

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Dash Education Solutions

Dash Education Solutions

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Jorge Agnese, President

Dash Education Solutions is committed to creating tools that support, streamline, and enhance the daily operational and safety activities of schools. The company’s mission is to improve education by enhancing school operations and safety for students, staff, and faculty.